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By: Malkim  09-12-2011

Here at Malkim, we embrace individualism and stemmed from our passion for hair, we use every opportunity to be inspired and create masterpieces.  Day after day, our stylists team up with the highest quality L’Oreal products to manipulate hair and create modern day fashion statements.

Created in Irvine California in 2001, Pureology revolutionized colour care and launched the first 100%vegan formula and zero sulfateshampoo for colour treated hair.  The creator, Jim Markham identified a need among professional colourists and their clients for gentle, naturally based products that deliver superior performance for long-lasting haircolour, guaranteed. These high performance products are an industry standard and we invite you to discover why.

Exclusive Benefits
Antifade Complex: A blend of potent antioxidants and full spectrum UVA/UVB sunscreens in every Pureology product protects colour from free radicals and maximizes colour retention.

Zero Sulfate Shampoo: To gently cleanse without stripping colour, Pureology shampoos are a mild cleaning system derived from coconut, corn and sugar to deliver a rich lather while maximizing colour retention.

Concentrated Formulas: Indulge in a multi-sensory experience with highly concentrated formulas that deliver up to80 shampoos per 300ml bottle.

Organic Botanicals: Harvested from plants grown without the use of synthetic pesticides or chemicals, our botanicals are designated “organic“ and provide natural conditioning to all hair types.

Shampoo:$30- $59
Conditioner: $30-$59
Stylers: $25-$33.50

Serie Expert by L’OreaL Professionel
The Serie Expert Molecular Precision Haircare is a dedicated range of products developed to treat the hair from core to surface. Specialized technologies target the cortex, cuticle and surface areas of the hair to provide complete renewal, strength, condition and intense shine for visibly beautiful results.

Whether it is a shampoo, conditioner, treatment or styling product, the Serie Expert line is the professional home-carethat will maintain and preserve beautiful, radiant and renewed hair between salon visits.

Shampoo:$16.50- 25.00
Conditioner: $21.10
Treatments: $26.75
Stylers: $21.00 – $29.00

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Penny Savers

Andrea is our newest member and is learning the architecture of cutting and chemistry of colouring. We take pride in not only finding that perfect item, but purchasing it at a discounted price. That’s why we have some great deals for all of you penny savers out there. When we are not doing hair, our next favorite thing to do is shop. Pureology Holiday Packs includes 1 Hydrate shampoo.


Hair Extensions

For those of us that would like Rapunzel’s flowing locks of lustrous hair, but just can’t seem to grow it, we have the answer you are looking for… When you can’t grow it, fake it. I was feeling incredibly sad on the inside but it’s hard to give in to those feelings when you feel so good on the outside. We use the highest quality, hand crafted, all natural feathers supplied by fine Featherheads, which are 100% reusable.


X-tenso Moisturist Smoothing Treatment

It was when a girlfriend of mine introduced me to Mallory at Malkim Hair Shop that my dream came true and I was given the opportunity to finally do something with this “mop” of mine. I will never forget those days when I spent hours in front of the mirror straightening and combing, straightening and combing… but now thanks to X-tenso those days are over.


Ammonia Free Colours

INOA is an unprecedented technological breakthrough with oil based technology that optimizes the effectiveness of the coloration system. Shine Gloss: A smoothing clear coat that does not alter your natural colour, but adds lots of shine for a more polished style. Ideal for seductive brunettes or ravishing redheads, this colour is longer lasting with beautiful reflective tones.


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Using architectural styles and inspirational colours, we embrace individualism and reinvention at every opportunity. We proclaim hair as being integral to fashion and celebrate our passion for the manipulation of hair. At Malkim, we pride ourselves in having an elite group of professional and personable staff.