Malak Christian Productions

By: Malak  09-12-2011

Our Studios

Studio A is our flagship studio featuring our sixty-four channel analog recording console. Complete with Protools, Digital Performer and Tascam DA-88, its no wonder so many artists are attracted to this facility.

Partial Equipment List

  • 48 tracks Protools with a large number of very usable plug-ins
  • 24 tracks Tascam DA-88 tape-based digital recording
  • 64 Channel analog recording console
  • Large assortment of digital and analog hardware including Class A mic pre-amps.
  • Sony DATs
  • Sony Mastering Recorders
  • Marantz Cassette Recorders
  • Yamaha NS10M, M-Audio, and Blue Sky monitors
  • Fostex T20 Headphones, AKG 240 Headphones, Sennheiser 280 Headphones
  • Effects Processors by Lexicon, Alesis, TC Helicon's Voiceprism

Studio B is favored by pastors, teachers, ministers, and poets for its high-tech environment and editing features. This room features great sounding acoustics for tracking instruments and vocals. Studio B is a powerful and efficient room for midi composing, sequencing, arranging, sampling, to both analog and digital formats. Also ideal for narration recording. This is also a Digidesign Protools room.

Partial Equipment List

  • Mackie 24 channel analog recording console
  • 32 Track hard disc recording system
  • Digital and Analog Effects Processors

Recording Times (Studio times only. Does not include pre-production and musical arrangements)

A five-song recording requires about 38 hours (2 or 3 days to record the basic tracks, vocals, harmonies, and solos, plus one or two days to mix and master your project). A basic rule of thumb is: 1 minute of recorded music = 1 ½ hours of studio time.