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By: Mainland Counselling  09-12-2011
Keywords: Mental Health, Divorce, drug


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  • Are separated or divorced and wish to bounce back from the lonliness, anger, and pain of their relationship or divorce.
  • Would like to improve their relationships with their spouse, family, co-workers or friends.
  • May be experiencing symptoms of depression or anxiety.
  • Are experiencing stress, and their lives and relationships are affected by it.
  • Are concerned about their mental health and are not sure where to turn.
  • Trying to overcome a loss or death.
  • Are struggling with substance use or drug and alcohol concerns.
  • Have difficulty controlling anger and are seeking anger management counselling.
  • Have thoughts of low self-esteem or self-image.
  • Are in transition in their life and wish to explore personal growth, career dissatisfaction, or general improvements in their life.
  • Are not sure whether their relationship is worth continuing.
  • Experience dissatisfaction or conflict with each other.
  • Have difficulties communicating with each other.
  • Feel that their relationship is in the "dead zone".
  • Would like to increase their intimacy with each other.
  • Experience challenges with parenting children.
  • Are trying to overcome trust, cheating or infidelity concerns.
  • Are struggling with one or both partners who are managing mental health or drug and alcohol concerns.
  • Want to spice up their relationship but don't know how.
  • Are experiencing a loss or death in the family.
  • Are in the process of separation or divorce and would like to decrease the impact on themselves, their children, and other family members.
  • Are dealing with a family member who is struggling with alcohol or drugs.
  • Are trying to cope with the demands of a new family (blended families, step-children, etc.).
  • Are experiencing conflict and who want better relationships with each other.
  • Are trying to connect with each other and want closer relationships.

* Phone counselling is not appropriate for people who are considering hurting themselves (suicidal) or others. We strongly recommend that if you have these thoughts, you see a local physician or to immediately go to your local hospital for mental health treatment.

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Keywords: Alcohol, Anger management, Divorce, drug, Mental Health, Parenting Children