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By: Maine Glass  09-12-2011

Between-Glass Blinds

The metal between the glass blind system provides fingertip sun control and privacy with virtually no maintenance. Blinds stay clean and damage free. Eliminate costs associated with cleaning, repair and replacement of traditional window coverings. A variety of colors and control options provide flexibility in design application and style.

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Maine Glass - IF specification

Work - Included - Provide all laor, material and equipment necessary to manufacture and deliver fixed interior insulating window designed compatible with Between-the-Glass blinds and components as specified. Under no circumstances does this warranty cover glass broken after the delivery has been accepted, or any material that is damaged during installation.


Maine Glass - products main

Maine Glass distributes a full array of Interior Insulating Windows, traditional and Between-Glass blinds, replacement windows, high-security windows, and acoustic windows. As always, if you have any questions about what model will solve your current window problems, contact a Maine Glass toll free at 825?6975.


Maine Glass - Interior Fixed

Installed in commercial buildings for over 20 years, Our Fixed Interior Insulating Window unit is ideal for applications from storefronts to large commercial buildings. This model has also been installed across the United States in post offices, hotels, nursing homes, hospitals, high-rise condominiums, and large commercial buildings.


Maine Glass - Interior Single Hung

The Single Hung Window is easily installed over existing windows, using screws to securely anchor our window frame in place.The aluminum tracks are easily cleaned and operate easily. Our Interior Single Hung Windows are custom built to the size and shape of any existing windows, virtually no application is too large or too small. It is also available with between glass blinds.