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By: Maha Lakshmi  09-12-2011

I make many exclusive necklaces and earrings for my clients – because I like to work one on one with them - to create something truly unique and reflective of that person. My clients enjoy wearing jewelry that they can so strongly identify with in their daily practice of being!

After you have read through the website and feel inspired to create your own unique expression of the goddess within, please call (310-613-1181) or and co-create with her a necklace that you would feel most empowered to wear. You can also order custom design necklaces, men's jewelry, earrings and bracelets for all occasions, such as an event, wedding, benefit, etc… to fit the qualities you would like to invoke during that special occasion. Costs will vary according to the stones selected and craftsmanship required. The initial consultation with Anne can be on the phone or in person and is free of charge.

Cost will vary according to the number of people (Goddesses) and the choice of activities. The initial consultation with Anne can be on the phone (310-613-1181) or in person and is free!


Lakshmi puja with flower and candle

As Joseph Campbell once said, "We all need a place to go everyday and be still." Designing such a place demands a knowledge of ourselves and of our needs that is not always readily available to us. We have made it so difficult at times to access the truth that the task seems daunting. Anne will help you to create a space that not only reflects the needs of your being, but will also teach you to modify that space as you learn to listen to your heart and its movements.


Home altar with stones and incense


In designing altars, Anne uses only that which comes from your inner truth and your needs. Names, colors, symbols, quotes, textures, size, everything that inspires you to go within and BE will be utilized. The results may surprise you! Who knew that all that beauty, all that knowledge was inside of you, available for you to manifest on the outside so that you can always access the inside?!? Guess what? YOU knew!


Large Puja room with statues, photos, flowers in devotion to Stillness and Silence

Costs will vary, according to material, time involved, etc… The initial consultation with Anne can be on the phone or in person and is free of charges.

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