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By: Magsoft Flux  09-12-2011
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Magsoft provides CAE simulation software, and we are proud to offer the following quality products for your computational needs:

  • - solves the physics for ultrasonic sensors and devices. CIVA is ideally suited for the design of NonDestructive Evaluation [NDE] or NonDestructive Testing [NDT] components.

Why should one use simulation software?

The simulation process allows one to use the computer to conceive of an idea, build the idea, and then review the idea. In essence, one can now

virtually prototype

and reliably explore design alternatives without building physical prototypes.

There are three main reasons to consider implementing CAE software into the design process.

  1. First and foremost is the reduction in cost associated with prototyping. The initial capital investment can be fractions of what it costs to physically build and test an idea.

  2. Second is the reduction in the time that it takes to turn an idea into a finished product. Exploring a single idea via computer simulation may take a few man-days to build and test, by comparison if one were to build and test the same idea physically it might take man-weeks or man-months to assemble the same experimental results.

  3. The third reason is that by using simulation software, one can expore and develop proprietary technology which might not be possible by physically prototyping.

Magsoft offers free 60-day software evaluations for all of our simulation packages. There are no technology limitations during your evaluation, and you have full access to our support staff to answer any questions that you may have. Additionally there are a wide range of examples and tutorials available to use for reference during your exercises. To review our software first hand, then please consider initiating your evaluation.

  • Fill out the automated registration process to gain access
  • Download or Print Out our Software Evaluation Form
  • Fill in the necessary software and PC information
  • FAX it back to us

Keywords: Automated Registration, Pc Information, physics, software evaluation, Software Evaluation Form,

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Other products and services from Magsoft Flux


Magsoft Corporation - Portunus

Possible applications range from the simulation of drive systems and switched mode power supplies to investigation of the heating of electronic components. Portunus comes with a comprehensive model library which already includes simulation models of common electrical machines and power electronic topologies.


Magsoft Corporation - SPEED

Figure 1: Setup the simulation in the Outline Editor Figure 2: Review the simulation results with the Torque-Speed Curve Figure 3: Review the simulation results in the Design Sheet. We are confident that their SPEED motor design software will be an asset to your electric machine design efforts. It runs on the IBM PC platform, so it is easy to equip multiple users in one company, including laptop users.


Magsoft Corporation - Motor CAD

Simulations require the 3D geometry description of each component within the machine, the physical material properties of the components, the losses or sources or heat and any desired cooling configurations. Motor-CAD enables you to quickly evaluate the thermal sensitivies within a particular machine, and to identify the manner in which the machine responds to a variety of cooling configurations.


Magsoft Corporation - Flux

Finally, in order to provide you with the best simulation results in the shortest amount of computation time, Flux development continues to uncover formulations for both 2D specific and 3D specific activities independently. Flux then solves for the requested physics and provides one with multiple ways to scrutinize the solution, and to review the success of the idea.