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By: Magsoft Flux  09-12-2011
Keywords: Power Electronic

Portunus is a system simulator that has been developed especially for the calculation of mechatronic systems. Possible applications range from the simulation of drive systems and switched mode power supplies to investigation of the heating of electronic components.

Several description approaches (network, block diagram, state machine) are available for the simulation of electrical, mechanical and thermal systems. With Portunus you may run different analysis types (simulations in the time and frequency domain, calculation of steady-state and operating point). The effect of parameter variations may be calculated and displayed automatically. Alternatively, it can be visualized using the interactive capabilities of the software.

Portunus comes with a comprehensive model library which already includes simulation models of common electrical machines and power electronic topologies. The available interfaces expand the functionality of Portunus, e.g. to provide the possibility of the validation of microcontroller source code.

And ergonomic graphical user interface allows the comfortable description of the system to be modelled. The implemented sub-sheet technology makes it possible to separate sub-systems and therefore improve the clarity of the system representation. Portunus is not only the ideal tool for the development of new products; it provides exciting opportunities for education and training purposes as well.

Keywords: Power Electronic

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