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By: Magsoft Flux  09-12-2011
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Motor-CAD is a unique software package for exploring the thermal design of electric motors and generators. Motor-CAD has incorporated revolutionary lumped-parameter technology to simulate either the Steady State or the Transient thermal response of a machine. Simulations require the 3D geometry description of each component within the machine, the physical material properties of the components, the losses or sources or heat and any desired cooling configurations. All of these items can be easily entered in the Motor-CAD interface via the various tab delineations and the associated text fields. During a given simulation, Motor-CAD considers each component a separate entity, scrutinizes the thermal nature of the component [including heat transfer coefficients] and generates a lumped-parameter equivalent circuit. Once each component is carefully evaluated, the machine is reconstructed by combining each component's circuit into a full electrical system. The thermal nature of the machine is then uncovered by solving the electrical system.

Motor-CAD has been fine-tuned for the specific needs of a variety of machine-types, and solutions are currently available for the following types of


Motor-CAD enables you to quickly evaluate the thermal sensitivies within a particular machine, and to identify the manner in which the machine responds to a variety of cooling configurations. Motor-CAD currently supports many


Additionally, Motor-CAD is fully ActiveX® Controls compatible. This enables one to operate Motor-CAD remotely, from a product like Microsoft® Excel, via Macros. You can control any of the available input parameters and then evaluate the response of the machine by reviewing the available output parameters. All of this can be neatly compiled in an Excel file in graphic or tabular form and numerous design alternatives can be quickly reviewed to determine the optimum design.

Motor-CAD technology is regularly validated through a variety of independent university and commercial studies. These studies incorporate either repeatable physical prototype measurements or rigorous CFD analysis.

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