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By: Magsoft Flux  09-12-2011
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Flux is a general purpose CAE software which only requires that one clearly describe their idea. This is done by defining the individual components which make up the idea in each of the following areas:
  • Physical shape, or geometry
  • Relative location and orientation
  • Mesh or discretization
  • Material character
  • Excitation or energy source for the idea

Flux then solves for the requested physics and provides one with multiple ways to scrutinize the solution, and to review the success of the idea. You can view the results in many different ways to clearly scrutinize your design idea. You can use color-shaded maps or isovalue lines within the problem region to look at quantities like flux density or heat distribution. You can use variation curves versus time or position, or make spatial spectrum computations. Additionally you can analyze global quantities like inductance, energy, force and torques.

Flux is a pioneer in the development of FEM formulations. Please consider reviewing the following areas where Flux has revolutionized the way that you can get the answers at your fingertips:

Flux is used on a variety of devices and applications, and the available technology allows companies in a broad range of markets and industries to succeed.

Finally, in order to provide you with the best simulation results in the shortest amount of computation time, Flux development continues to uncover formulations for both 2D specific and 3D specific activities independently. Our 2D specific activities are available to you in our product called


, and our 3D specific activities are available to you in our product called



To review our Flux software first hand, then please consider initiating your free 60-day evaluation.

  • Fill out the automated registration process to gain access
  • Download or Print Out our Software Evaluation Form
  • Fill in the necessary software and PC information
  • FAX it back to us

To order Flux documentation, please visit


Keywords: Automated Registration, Flux, Pc Information, software evaluation, Software Evaluation Form,

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