Magnolia Gardens Nursery Tree Products 2009

By: Magnolia Gardens Nursery  09-12-2011
Keywords: Flowers, landscape, Yellow Flowers

A great tree for the landscape, tolerant of wind, drought, salt, and soil compaction.
A great tree for urban areas, a cross between A. rubrum and A. sacccharinum.
A great tree for urban areas, a cross between A. rubrum and A. sacccharinum.
Produces an extremly attractive rosy-pink flower in the spring just before the dark green heart-shaped leaves begin to emerge.
Dark red purple leaves along with showy pink-lavender blossoms.
An easy peel Citrus that is edible and does well in Texas. Miho has an upright growth habit.
An easy peel Citrus that is edible and does well in Texas. Seto has a drooping growth habit.
Small yellow flowers form large pyramidal panicles that resemble paper lanterns.
Greenish-yellow 2" tulip-shaped flowers late spring.
Leaves are unique, the tops are shiny green like other Magnolias but the backs are a rusty almost orange color.
More cold hardy selection of Magnolia grandiflora, reaching 60-80' tall.
Slow growing evergreen which reaches to about 80 feet in height and a 40 foot spread.
Grows in a more compact and upright form than other Magnolias; with characteristic long rusty-brown undersides.
Can reach 30-40' tall with up to a 30' spread, with rusty red undersides.
A native to China that can reach 70-130' tall at maturity with a 15' or more spread.
Rapid growing pine with dimensions of 40-60 feet and even a possible 100 feet in height.
Tolerates drought, salt, and heat well
Great choice for the Hill Country region of Texas due to its tolerance of alkaline soils.
A more compact version of the native Cherry Laurel .
Darkest foliage of all flowering plums, great for landscape contrast.
Can grow to be 50 feet in height and 40 foot in width.
May soon replace other Red Oaks due to its richer red fall color, better branching structure, and higher transplant survival.
One of the best choices from this group as a landscape tree in Texas.
Fine textured tree with a lacey textured bark.

Keywords: Flowers, landscape, Upright Growth, Yellow Flowers,

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Magnolia Gardens Nursery Shrubs 2009

Fast growing tree reaching up to heights of 60-70 feet, usually seen at 40-50 feet tall and widths of 8-15 feet. Evergreen shrub with dark glossy green foliage, the new growth is coppery in color. Dark green foliage with fragrant white flowers, more cold hardy than G. radicans. Produces liliac-pink flowers in the spring and a bronzy foliage in the fall. Spectacular bright red bottlebrush-like blooms only growing 3' in height.


Magnolia Gardens Nursery Annual and Perennial Products 2009

This variety has dark purple flowers which are quite striking when displayed with lighter colored flowers in the foreground. A mix of pastel colored flowers, from pink, peach, purple, and white to yellow. Green foliage with yellow variegation or stripes and may reach 6 feet tall. A drought tolerant grass-like perennial with blue green foliage. Plant height is 24 to 30 inches with upright leaf habit. Blooms continuous from Spring till Fall.


Magnolia Gardens Nursery Grass, Groundcover, and Vine Products 2009

Flowers on the stem tips in the fall with small white flowers followed by red fruit during the winter. Beautiful 3-4 inch iridescent ruby-pink blooms that sit about a foot above the blue green foliage. In the ColorGrass® Program with upright growth with brown to bronze foliage with curled blades. Beautiful green/white variegated evergreen with spikes of lilac blooms in the summers.