Magnolia Gardens Nursery Shrubs 2009

By: Magnolia Gardens Nursery  09-12-2011
Keywords: Flowers

Produces liliac-pink flowers in the spring and a bronzy foliage in the fall.
Glossy leaves with clusters of white flowers in early summer to fall.
Similar to grandiflora only shorter, grows 3-4' tall.
A great drought tolerant woody lily.
An Agave that remains very small and is great for planting into small pots.
Blue-green foliage with an urn shaped growth habit, spineless leaf margins.

Variegated foliage with an urn shaped growth habit.

A great drought tolerant woody lily.
A great drought tolerant woody lily with green foliage.

A great drought tolerant woody lily with gray-green foliage.
Leaves are large, leathery, and dark green in color with splashes of yellow variegation.
a. A Southern Indian hybrid
a. A Southern Indian hybrid
a. A Southern Indian hybrid
a. A Southern Indian hybrid
a. A Southern Indian hybrid
a. A Southern Indian hybrid
A Robin Hill hybrid, semi-dwarf rebloomer with pink flowers.
A clumping bamboo with delicate fern-like foliage.
A clumping bamboo with beautiful dark green canes.
A dwarf variety with red foliage
Leaves are a marbled bronzy red and pinkish white then deepening into a rose and bronze color.
A smaller version of 'Floribunda', flowers start out a violet color then fade to white with age.
Flowers start out a violet color then fade to white with age.
Great for shaped hedges in the landscape.
Very cold hardy and densely branched shrub, great for small topiarys and trimmed shrubs in the landscape.
a Bright yellow fragrant flowers from spring to fall.
A Texas Native!
Red to orange flowers with long showy red stamens.
Spectacular bright red bottlebrush-like blooms only growing 3' in height.
Spectacular bright red bottlebrush-like blooms in summer.
Blooms mid season with peony-like blooms that are a pink color with rose streaking.
Extremely large formal double red blooms with loose crimson petals sometimes with purplish cast.
Single round red flowers in winter and early spring, or mid season.
Blooms mid season with red semi-double flowers.
Fragrant pink double blooms.
Blooms mid season with pure white semi-double flowers. a.
Flowers are semi-double and deep pink or rose in color.
Small, single bright red flowers with bright yellow stamens late in the season.
Bright tomato red flowers late winter to early spring followed by glossy foliage.
A clumping Palm that grows very slowly, at maturity it can reach 15'.
'Hummingbird' is a dwarf cultivar which has a much more compact and spreading growth form than the species.
Bronzy red foliage, grows to 36" tall.
The leaves are small and have a distinct gray color from the gray pubescence.
Fast growing tree reaching up to heights of 60-70 feet, usually seen at 40-50 feet tall and widths of 8-15 feet.
The growth form is rosette and with age this plant can have a trunk if it is trimmed up.
Known for its toughness, it can survive and thrive in places many shrubs cannot, such as highway medians.
Evergreen shrub with dark glossy green foliage, the new growth is coppery in color.
Chollipo Euonymus is an fast growing cultivar that can get up to 12 feet tall and 6 feet wide.
Japanese Aralia is a good landscape choice for a tropical look.
Dark green foliage with fragrant white flowers, more cold hardy than G. radicans.
Dark green foliage with fragrant white flowers.
Semi-double fragrant white flower on dark glossy green foliage.
Small double fragrant white flower on dark glossy green foliage, trailing form.
Double fragrant white flower on dark glossy green foliage, smaller than other cultivars. Can be grown as an indoor plant.
Large clusters of bright pink flowers.
Variegated Lacecap Hydrangea
Grown mostly for the striking variegated foliage and can get up to 3' in height.
Cross between Dahoon Holly and American Holly.
Savannah Holly tolerates limy soils well and will get 20-30 feet in height and 15 feet wide making it great for tall screens.
Grows 15-20 feet tall and it has a tolerance to heat, drought, and alkaline soil.
Similar to the Burford Holly only it is a more compact grower and the foliage is darker and glossier.
Dense growth habit with small leaves.
Similar in looks to the Dwarf Burford Holly only it has a more upright growth habit and it is slightly taller when fully mature.
Pyramidal densely branched Holly that can get 20-30' tall and 8-15' wide.
North american native plant, deciduous, great winter berry show on females. A Texas Native!
A cross between three different Hollies.
A cross between Chinese Holly and English Holly.
A dwarf version of the native Yaupon Holly.
A weeping version of the native Yaupon Holly.
An improved selection of the species.
Primrose Jasmine is a great plant for a cascading effect in the landscape.
'Blue Point' is a moderate grower getting up to 12 feet tall and 8 feet wide.
Features bright green, fine textured foliage, with arching branches that form a plant with vase shaped growth habit.
A narrow columnar growth habit, does not require prunning.
Irregular, upright growth habit.
This creeping shrub features blue-gray foliage in the summer time which changes to a purple color in the winter time.
Silver blue color, and is good for a groundcover or bank planting.

Green Mound Juniper
Slow and low growing and is often used as a groundcover because of its height and cushion-like appearance.
Low growing prostrate form of Juniper with gray-green foliage.
Low growing prostrate form of Juniper with gray-green foliage with bright yellow variegation.
A large Crapemyrtle with lavender-pink blooms and a bloom time of 70-80 days.
A dense shrub-like Crapemyrtle with deep puple colored flowers. .

Raspberry Sundae® Crapemyrtle PP#10297
A Carl Whitcomb introduction with variegated red bordered with white flowers.

Dynamite® Crapemyrtle PP#10296
A Carl Whitcomb introduction with cherry red flowers and high powdery mildew tolerance.

Red Rocket® Crapemyrtle PP#11342
A Carl Whitcomb introduction with hugh cherry red flowers and high powdery mildew tolerance.

Tightwad Red® Crapemyrtle PP#11312
Carl Whitcomb introduction with light red flowers and high powdery mildew tolerance.

Burgundy Cotton® Crapemyrtle PP#14438
Carl Whitcomb introduction with white to light pink flowers and high powdery mildew tolerance.
A large Crapemyrtle with white blooms and a bloom time of 110 days. a.
A small vase shaped Crapemyrtle with coral pink blooms and a bloom time of 70 - 80 days.
More resistant to powdery mildew with lavender-pink flowers and a bloom time of 110 - 120 days.

Compact Texas Sage
Slow growing with a dense growth habit, reaching 3-5' tall with an equal spread.

Green Cloud™ Texas Sage
Green Cloud Sage can get up to 6' tall but is more vigorous than other Compact Sages available.
Can reach up to 8-12' tall and will produce fragrant creamy white urn shaped flowers from May to June.
Similar to the species only it has a more compact and dense growth habit and grows 6-9' in height.
Leaves are a matte green with irregular creamy white margins

Deep burgundy new growth which darkens into a deep purple color with maturity.

A more cold hardy and taller cultivar.
Panicles of fragrant golden yellow flowers in the spring followed by grape-like cluster of blue black fruit.
Fern like foliage and short upright yellow flower clusters early to mid fall.
Dwarf form of the species and has a very full and dense growth habit and gets only 4-6' tall and 4-6' wide.
Compacta is lower growing than the species and has more numerous leaflets giving it a lacey appearance.
Discovered as a sport in a population of N. 'Compacta'. A dwarf variety that does not sucker and has an upright habit.

Firepower Nandina
Dwarf species that was developed in New Zealand for its lime green leaves and superior red color that shows in the fall.

Harbour Dwarf Nandina
Popular dwarf sized Nandina growing only 2 feet tall.

Harbor Belle™ Nandina P.P. #14668
A Ralph Rushing Introduction.
Drought, heat, salt, wind, and pollution tolerant with red blooms.

Carnival™ Oleander P.P. # 6339
Petite Oleander with soft pink flowers with tinges of pinkish red throughout.
Semi-double dark pink flowers, upright growth, fragrant flowers.

Turner's Shari D™ Oleander PP#5378
Unique soft buff yellow flower with tinges of pink.
Features tiny tubular white flower clusters with an apricot-like fragrance blooming from spring through fall.
Makes a great accent plant for a tropical look.
Red Tip Photinia
Leaves that are a bright showy bronze- red in youth and mature to a dark leathery green.
Large running bamboo that is used for building in Japan.
Running Bamboo with jet black canes, great for a tropical look in the landscape or in containers.
Glossy green foliage and creamy white flowers that smell like orange blossoms.
Variegated Pittosporum
Features pale gray-green leaves with irregular creamy white margins.
Wheeler's Dwarf Pittosporum
Dwarf, more compact version of the species, grows only 3-4' high and 3' wide.
Blue Plumbago

Shrubby Japanese Yew
Slow growing evergreen shrub that can reach 8-10' in height and 3-4' in width.
Dwarf version of the species only reaching 3' x 3'.
Indian Hawthorn
Will put on a show in early spring with clusters of white flowers.
Gorgeous display of clustered, double yellow blooms.
On it's own roots with a lovely fragrant pink flower that is very full and comparable to grafted tea roses.

Yellow Rose of Texas
Single red/pink blooms, continuous bloom spring to frost, disease resistant.
Single red blooms, continuous bloom spring to frost, disease resistant.
Large 35+ petal count buttery yellow blooms.
Can be used as a beautiful groundcover because of its height which reaches only up to 3 feet high and 4-8 feet in its spread.

Anthony Waterer Spirea
The blooms are grown in flat clusters that are rose pink from late spring into the summer.
Covered with beautiful miniature rose-like double white clusters in late spring to early summer.
A orange flowering form of the species.
Evergreen shrub with glossy, green foliage, the leaves flush a bronzy-red color.
A newer more dense selection of Sweet Viburnum.
Native to the wetlands of Florida and can tolerate an occasional wet soil, but is also drought tolerant.
Provides a showy profusion small fragrant white flowers in spring.
Flowers late spring to summer with green white terminal cymes.
Native to the Ryukyu Islands of Japan this Viburnum can tolerate drier soils than others.

Spring Bouquet Viburnum
Dense fragrant white to light pink flowers in the spring.
Peaking in June and lasting until frost are terminal spikes of mildly fragrant blue-purple flowers.
Flowers are a deeper color and much larger, up to 3 times, than the species.

Variegated Adam's Needle
Smaller stemless Yucca with variegated foliage.
Evergreen shrub with lance shaped recurving to arching leaves, good heat and drought tolerance.
A tree-like Yucca that can reach 10-30' tall. A Texas Native!

Keywords: Flowers

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Magnolia Gardens Nursery Tree Products 2009

The tops are shiny green like other Magnolias but the backs are a rusty almost orange color. Rapid growing pine with dimensions of 40-60 feet and even a possible 100 feet in height. A great tree for the landscape, tolerant of wind, drought, salt, and soil compaction. Slow growing evergreen which reaches to about 80 feet in height and a 40 foot spread. Small yellow flowers form large pyramidal panicles that resemble paper lanterns.


Magnolia Gardens Nursery Annual and Perennial Products 2009

This variety has dark purple flowers which are quite striking when displayed with lighter colored flowers in the foreground. A mix of pastel colored flowers, from pink, peach, purple, and white to yellow. Green foliage with yellow variegation or stripes and may reach 6 feet tall. A drought tolerant grass-like perennial with blue green foliage. Plant height is 24 to 30 inches with upright leaf habit. Blooms continuous from Spring till Fall.


Magnolia Gardens Nursery Grass, Groundcover, and Vine Products 2009

Flowers on the stem tips in the fall with small white flowers followed by red fruit during the winter. Beautiful 3-4 inch iridescent ruby-pink blooms that sit about a foot above the blue green foliage. In the ColorGrass® Program with upright growth with brown to bronze foliage with curled blades. Beautiful green/white variegated evergreen with spikes of lilac blooms in the summers.