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By: Magnetic Drives  09-12-2011

SKF extends and upgrades the SKF Explorer self-aligning roller bearing range

All SKF spherical roller bearings, CARB toroidal bearings and most spherical roller thrust bearings now carry the industry leading SKF Explorer performance class designation. In addition to that, all SKF self-aligning roller bearings have been upgraded to a new level of performance with SKF next-generation bearing steel.

SKF self-aligning roller bearings just last longer

SKF next generation bearing steel used for all SKF Explorer self-aligning bearings has a superior balance between hardness and toughness to significantly improve wear resistance.

Improved wear resistance means that these SKF Explorer bearings will run longer - particularly under difficult operating conditions.

Tests have clearly shown that bearings made from SKF next generation bearing steel will provide

  • almost 2x service life under contaminated and/or poor lubrication conditions

  • extend the time from initial spall to when the bearing becomes unserviceable

The benefits hit the bottom line

Upgraded SKF Explorer self-aligning roller bearings can not only last longer and reduce the need for maintenance, they can also make unplanned downtime and the additional costs of an unexpected shutdown a thing of the past.

The extended time from when an initial spall is discovered to when the bearing becomes unserviceable, provides more time to plan, order parts and prepare for a shutdown; thereby reducing the additional time and cost related to unplanned downtime.