Prepaid Internet Access Service ISP

By: Maglobe  09-12-2011
Keywords: internet access, Traveler

MaGlobe Internet Access for the Traveler is a prepaid service, allowing you to access all MaGlobe locations with a single Username and Password.

The version is designed with the business community in mind. It allows a company to set up multiple accounts, while only paying for actual usage.

MaGlobe's service gives fast trouble-free access to Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) without the need for expensive hardware and software normally required for secure and private connections from an external location.

There are no charges for setup, monthly or annual fees. MaGlobe Internet Access for the Traveler is designed for people who require only occasional Internet access while traveling.

Our service is cost effective and provides an instant remedy to common problems faced by travelers:
  • Making a long distance call to your ISP
  • Visiting a crowded cyber cafĂ©
  • Asking new acquaintances to let you use their Internet accounts
  • Paying monthly for a dialup account (with an annual contract) that you only use for travel, never at home or work

Keywords: internet access, Traveler