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By: Maggie Reigh  09-12-2011

Maggie Reigh teaches that parenting is a matter of the heart. Combining profound insights with practical ideas, Reigh shows parents how to raise respectful, responsible, and resilient children, and at the same time, add more life and laughter to their children’s lives and their own.

For every parent who recognizes parenting as an important job, this book offers 9 valuable chapters on raising children who are respectful, responsible and resilient. Combining profound insights with practical ideas, this book will show parents how to encourage children to develop the courage to discover their own strengths and offer their gifts to others. The book is full of stories and examples that bring parenting tools and concepts to life.

Review excerpt: “This is a book that could revolutionize both the way we treat children in our homes and schools, and the way children accept and put into practice taking responsibility for their own actions. It’s a book that makes me want to stand up and cheer on just about every page…Marnie Agnew, KUCA News, Editor ….

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This resource brings learning to life by providing experiential exercises that guide parents, families, and professionals in applying skills and concepts to everyday life. The workbook expands on concepts presented in the book, 9 Ways to Bring Out the Best in You & Your Child and gives you tools to:

Throughout the workbook you’ll find self-assessment and reflective exercises, quotes an discussion starters, tips and charts and family activities that invite everyone to get involved and create the family life worth living!

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Is your child sometimes a challenge? Discover how these challenging times could be the best times to create learning opportunities. You don’t need to be that parents who feels helpless, frustrated, guilty or embarrassed. You can be that relaxed and happy parent.

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Do you feel frustrated, stressed, helpless, embarrassed, angry and/or overwhelmed by your child’s behaviour? You are not alone! Tantrums and aggressive behaviour hurt everyone in the family.

Finally! here is a proven way for you to save your sanity and get the results you need.

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Let’s face it – kids know how to push your buttons and kids who lose their temper usually push you until you lose your temper too. Maybe your child is having a total melt down right now — or perhaps you’ve just been through one and are feeling exhausted.

The Taking the Terror out of Temper Tantrums kit offers you practical tools, ideas and solutions to help your entire family. Not only will you discover how to reduce the frequency and intensity of temper tantrums, the whole family will learn to cope with the tantrums. You will love the way parents and kids learn together!

  • Read the children’s story, Wee Bree and the Grand Shopping Spree, and discover how Bree coaches her mom to calm down when Mom loses it!
  • Encourage children to sing and dance to the Wee Bree song and wiggle out frustrations.
  • Enjoy simple activities and games that help everyone learn to handle emotions and live together more peacefully and cooperatively.
  • Listen to the special section for parents and discover helpful hints and insights for creating a happy family life.
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The perfect story and relaxation CD for you and your child!

This story’s universal message appeals to all ages. Children and adults alike love the music and funky rhyming language, and it speaks loudly and clearly to the drama of teen life. Remembering De-Light has a way of working in our inner world long after we’ve listened to it, reminding us to act from our own inner strength and ward off peer pressure, regardless of what age we may be! In school or at home, it provides an ideal spring board to drama activities and other activities that stimulate imagination, creative movement, art,  and listening skills while supporting emotional and spiritual well-being.


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