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By: Madhuram Herbal Products  09-12-2011

Madhuram bathing soap contains the goodness of 33 precious herbs and pure coconut oil. These herbs protect your skin and make it beautiful and supple. Everybody at home, from the baby to grandma can safely use Madhuram soap and benefit from its wonderful medicinal properties. It's a great help for those who suffer from allergies and are sensitive to harmful chemicals. Thousands have benefitted from Madhuram's natural goodness in the past 17 years. You and your family too can now get the Madhuram goodness.

    1. Aloe Vera
    2. Lemon
    3. Arugampull (Cynodon Dactylon)
    4. Goose Berry
    5. Vettiver (Chrysopogon zizanioides)
    6. avarampoo (Avaram Senna flower)
    7. Kuppaimeni(_Indian Nettle)
    8. Malaivembu (Melia dubia)
    9. Sandal
    10. Magizham flower (Mimusops elengi)
    11. Tulsi
    12. Kasturi Manjal
    13. Hibiscus Flower
    14. Hibiscus leaf
    15. Adhimaduram
    16. Fenugreek
    17. Mara Manjam
    18. Rose flower
    19. Ramacham
    20. Mint
    21. Coconut oil

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