Macgregor automation integrates welding power supplies with production mnaufacturing systems

By: Macgregor Welding  09-12-2011
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MacGregor Welding Systems offers clients the choice of purpose built integration and part handling systems. The welding systems are designed, based upon customer and process requirements, and provide a tailored solution for industry.

What Value does Engineered Process Automation Provide?

  • Integrated solution based upon requirements of process and product.
  • Removal of variables such as part position, part alignment, and part handling
  • Removal of operator variables
  • Automatic quality monitoring
  • Intelligent fault detection and tracking
  • SPC data collection facilities
  • Optional integrated product testing or inspection
  • Simplified operation
  • Reduced operator requirements

Innovative Design User Interfaces

MacGregor Welding Systems offers the latest technologies in user interfaces including PC, Graphical PLC, and Text based PLC Human Machine Interfaces. All systems are configured for fault tracking throughout the cell, assuring that faults are recorded and indicated when they occur.

The Micro Welding Power Supplies from MacGregor Welding Systems offer a graphical user interface featuring feedback trace display, digital unit configuration, and digital calibration. All MacGregor Welding Power Supplies are RS-232/485 capable allowing PC based SPC data collection and remote programming of welding profiles.

Typical Applications:

  • Connector and Cable Assembly
  • Lead and Wire Attachment
  • Coil Termination
  • Resistance Seam Welding
  • Lamp / Element Assembly
  • RF Circuit Assembly
  • Motor Assembly
  • Resistor / Capacitor Manufacture
  • Surge Suppresser Lead Attachment
  • Battery Cell Assembly
  • Battery Pack Assembly
  • Automotive Sensor Assembly
  • Commercial Gas Sensor Assembly
  • Automotive Components
  • Fuse Assembly
  • Metal Contact Relay Assembly

Innovative Solutions for Product Assembly Cells

  • System provides part location and rotation, wire feed and form, resistance spot welding, wire cut, and wire brush down.
  • System can be configured for multiple part types and set for step operation where development or troubleshooting is required.
  • System is based upon DC1001P precision Linear DC Welding Power Supply offering unsurpassed control, accuracy, and reliability.

Purpose Built Welding Systems for Customer

Specific Applications

  • Seam welding system for circular pressure diaphragms provides part location and clamping, part rotation, programmable welding settings, variable speed, and part ejection.
  • Components are automatically unloaded into Good and Reject tray
  • Intelligent fault tracking provides troubleshooting codes for simple process and machine diagnostics.

Semi-Automatic HID (High Intensity Discharge) Lamp Welding System

  • Features multiple product tooling and adjustable welding head locations allowing for 40 products to be run. 
  • Flexible control and welding power supply programming allows for products to be selected simply through a PLC interface.
  • Full process fault tracking indicates parts where faults were recorded at unload station.

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DC Resistance Power supplies, weld heads, inverter, capacitor discharge, reflow, thermo compression bonding

Typically Linear units find application in small precision micro joining applications while HFDC units offer excellent control at higher current levels, often replacing conventional capacitor discharge and inverter technologies where close process control and repeatability is a requirement.