Your mind will determine credibility in 3 seconds

By: M3k Group  09-12-2011
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Does your web site communicate effectively in that time?

Within moments of landing at your website, your prospective customers have already answered the following questions in their minds:

  1. Do I trust them?
  2. Does this company offer excellent value?
  3. Is this a credible source for the products or services I need?

Your visitor will answer those questions in the first 3 seconds of seeing your web site, therefore the immediate impact, first viewed content and design of your web site is the most important factor that will drive that trust and credibility.

Without the proper impact, your web site will fail

Consider these facts about the quality of your website design:

  • A high-quality website design markedly improves your ability to convert prospects into customers.

  • 46% of web sales are lost because the website does not build value and credibility.

  • The #1 reason people abandon a website? Bad design.

The founders of Alaka'i Studio have been creating professional custom website designs since 1996 and have seen the benefits of quality web site design and how they have increased the business of our clients.

How can a great custom web site design drive more sales for your business?

A well-designed website immediately gives your prospects a sense that your company is trustworthy, credible, and offers good value. The process of developing such a site involves marketing, design, and technical expertise.

Essential ingredients of effective website design include:

  • A comprehensive web site strategy based on a deep understanding of your business, your customers, and your competition (Branding Blueprint)

  • Original ideas, themes, and messaging that separate your web site from the clutter that exists online.

  • A "rock star" design team that can align visual appeal with tangible conversion goals.

  • SEO-minded design that will enable customers to find your website online.

  • Design that considers and flows with integration into a custom Content Management System.

  • Effective ongoing marketing strategies, infused into your design, to promote your services and attract prospects.

Remember: Your website is the hub of your entire marketing program.  Without a great design, you'll be turning away prospects seconds after they arrive.

Keywords: Marketing, web site

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