Visual Direction

By: M3k Group  09-12-2011

It’s the difference between:

Hitting the back button, throwing a brochure away, or ignoring an ad AND being so intrigued you eagerly anticipate your next step in learning more or making contact.

Visual Direction brings compelling, benefit-oriented content together with imagery that reinforces your message in order to get a customer’s attention and motivate him or her to take the desired action.

At Alaka'i Studio, this is a critical step in the brand-building and rejuvenation process. So many marketing companies and design firms skip this step, resulting in lackluster design without a conversion-oriented marketing focus.

We take the time to make sure your visual direction is focused on your CUSTOMERS' goals and are matched to carefully chosen calls to actions (CTA), from soft conversion to primary.

It is important to remember that overall, only 10-15% of customers have a buy-now mentality, so 85% of your customers still need to be sold.

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