eMail Campaigns

By: M3k Group  09-12-2011

*Marketing Sherpa’s 2008 Benchmark Report

  • A professional design that reflects your brand identity and imagery (Attract)

  • A subject line that compels the recipient to read (Attract)

  • An intriguing, benefit-oriented lead-in header that will pique interest and improve the likelihood of your prospect reading more (Attract)

  • A transitional header that provides details to support the lead-in header and serves as a bridge to the body content (Intrigue)

  • Informative and persuasive body content (Inform)

  • Interactive links to your home page or relevant subpages, landing pages, white papers, blogs, product specials, or service offers (Call to Action)

  • A strong and suggestive offer (Call to Action)

  1. Delete/unsubscribe (Get out of my life)

  2. No action (I’m too busy to act right now, but may read it later)

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Your mind will determine credibility in 3 seconds

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Visual Direction brings compelling, benefit-oriented content together with imagery that reinforces your message in order to get a customer’s attention and motivate him or her to take the desired action. Hitting the back button, throwing a brochure away, or ignoring an ad AND being so intrigued you eagerly anticipate your next step in learning more or making contact.