By: M. Toth Engineering  09-12-2011
Keywords: Drawings, piping, Heat Exchangers

We make every effort to ensure that the design calculations and drawings are in compliance with the applicable ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, like Section I, IV or VIII Division 1 or in the case of pipe fittings the ASME B31.1 or B31.3 Piping Codes depending on the intended service. We do not undertake any assignment which falls under Section III (nuclear) or Section VIII Division 2 (U-2 Stamp) requirements.

We limit our scope of work to the pressure vessel proper and do not get involved with the design or design review of foundations, buildings or support structures, internal or external non pressure boundary components, platforms, valves (including safety valves) and attached piping, except with the reactions they may cause on the pressure vessel in question. We do not design piping systems and when there are external nozzle loads, such information must be provided by the User or the piping designer. Similarly, we do not perform seismic design when there is dynamic interaction between the pressure vessel and support structure, such information must be provided by the User or the structural engineer. Furthermore, we do not evaluate instrumentation, fire protection, electrical and other safety equipments.

Other than thermal design for heat exchangers we do not perform process design and are not responsible for the performance of the equipment in terms of its process functionality. We do not prepare project specifications, get involved with system design, project management, material purchasing or testing, in-process or final inspection.

While MTEL prepares original design calculations a big part of MTEL's work involves reviewing drawings & design calculations done by others for pressure vessels to be installed and operated in Ontario. To operate a pressure vessel the User must have a Canadian Registration Number and a Certificate for Operation. In Ontario the Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA) requires that the drawing(s) of the pressure vessel be stamped by a Professional Engineer registered in Ontario. Accordingly, all submissions without an Ontario P.Eng. stamp on the drawing(s) will be rejected by TSSA.

However, upon request TSSA will provide a list of engineers (including MTEL) who are qualified to review and stamp the drawings. For this reason MTEL has several clients in the USA and overseas.

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