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By: Métierview  09-12-2011

Automated/Manual Parameters Selection

MetierView Predictive Analysis gives users the flexibility to automatically or manually adjust the network parameters for analyzing data. In auto mode, the efficient learning algorithm will automatically adjust network parameters to find a suitable architecture. In manual mode, the user is able to manually fine-tune the parameters.

Rule Extraction and Pruning Strategy

MetierView Predictive Analysis provides rule explanation capability to gain a wider degree of user acceptance on the results and to let user understand the potential and ability of the trained engine in handling classification problems. Pruning strategy enables user to remove low confidence and unimportant prototypes (knowledge) from the system to reduce complexity and network size.

Retrieve Old Knowledge

MetierView Predictive Analysis enables user to retrieve old prototypes from the database and combine them with new input samples to form new prototypes. Thus, the time used to retrain is significantly reduced.

Multiple Classifier System

Multiple Classifier Systems enable MetierView Predictive Analysis to produce better results and higher accuracy in decision making using a voting system mechanism.

Multiple Jobs

MetierView Predictive Analysis can accommodate different category of data sets (e.g. data on credit card spending, health diagnosis, manufacturing operation and etc) in one database.

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MétierView - Product - Web Visualizer

MetierView?s Predictive Analytics is based on the state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms such as neural networks and fuzzy computation, to form a hybrid algorithm. Data mining speeds model development, and its ability to graphically display these patterns helps analysts and managers understand and use the results.