Lysa Appleton - 1:1 Coaching

By: Lysa Appleton  09-12-2011

Individual  coaching:  I will partner with you and actively support your personal and professional development and growth so that you can:  Identify your needs, live in alignment with your values; bring your gifts and talents to the world with full authenticity; reach your highest potential in all areas of your personal and professional life; and fulfill your most extraordinary dreams.   I will also assist you in  enhancing, deepening and strengthening your relationships in all areas of your life through honest, direct and peaceful communication, boundary setting with integrity and crucial self-care.  

L eadership coaching:  I will partner with you and your organization in the co-creation of a strong and sustainable community, comprised of a successful team that is built upon healthy interpersonal dynamics.  I will strategize with your business or organization to implement tools that meet intercultural and diversity sensitivity issues, that enhance communication strategies, that effectively resolve conflict, that create efficient teams and that develop powerful leadership.  

The vision of Appleton Coaching is to assist in creating communities comprised of joyful, authentic and prosperous people who through successfully collaborative relationships co- create peaceful, healthy and sustainable families, organizations and communities.    

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Lysa Appleton - Career Coaching

I hired her because I respected and trusted her professionalism, intelligence, perceptions, values and outlook, The big bonus in the relationship is that with her support and outstanding insights I have grown in several areas of my life and business, both expected and unexpected, tangible and intangible.. Ralph Waldo Emerson "What lies behind you and what lies in front of you, pales in comparison to what lies inside of you".


Lysa Appleton - Workshops

Those who are able to develop and apply strong time management tools and strategies are able to manage their workload and balance their personal and professional lives without constant reaction to daily crisis. This lunch and learn program will help teach participants how to identify their anger triggers, how to neutralize their anger and how to express themselves effectively.