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By: Luxury Travel  09-12-2011
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There is no better place in the world to spend a holiday than Spain. Spain offers a myriad of recreational pursuits and you will have little or no problem finding splendid luxury accommodation in Spain.

In fact, when you plan a holiday in Spain you’ll have few worries in terms of arranging your itinerary: this will allow you to focus on other important things concerning your plans. Purchasing travel insurance is extremely important whenever you are travelling and you should not consider a holiday without it.

It is important to remember that you travel to relax and enjoy yourself. With that in mind, it is easy to understand why travel insurance for pensioners is so necessary. With travel insurance in place you can concentrate on enjoying your holiday and get on with visiting all of the fabulous sights in Spain.

Mark Santilli, a frequent traveller, warns about the dangers of not having travel insurance: “I never thought that travel insurance was important. I quickly found out how wrong I was when my wife and I went on a trip to Australia and my wife became seriously ill. Our regular insurance didn’t cover the emergency treatment she needed.”

It is in no way safe to conclude that the new European health insurance card offers enough cover to you and your family. In fact, travel insurance for the over 70’s will cover many things that the new European health insurance card will not. In reality, travel insurance may cover unexpected cancellations, missed departures, lost travel documents, accidents, the loss or theft of baggage, travel delays and certain medical expenses that regular insurance just will not cover. For all intents and purposes then, if you are looking to completely relax and unwind while visiting Spain, or any part of the world, it is truly wise to make a small investment in travel insurance.

Spain is truly a fantastic place to visit and you’ll love travelling from one major city to the next, checking out all of the historical sites that Spain has to offer: cities like Alicante, Barcelona, Bilbao, Granada, Ibiza, Madrid, Malaga, Marbella, Oviedo, Palma, Salamanca, San Sebastian, Santander, Seville, Valencia and Zaragoza. What draws tourists to Spain year after year is the incredible history embedded in each city. Such a history can be thoroughly explored by viewing the unique architecture in each city and by visiting the many cultural sites that hold historical significance: sites that are scattered throughout the country of Spain.

Madrid, the capital of Spain and one of the most popular tourist attractions, possesses fine accommodation and cuisine. The Adler Hotel, the Petit Palace Italia and the Aptos Eurobuilding 2 offer comfortable and affordable accommodation to the tourist. The Adler Hotel, erected in 1884, is located at Calle Velazquez 33, Goya 31 and is the site of a former palace which has been completely remodelled to meet the comfort and needs of today’s traveller. The Adler hotel has 6 floors and 45 rooms to choose from. You will find that the Adler Hotel offers every possible amenity including air conditioning, broadband internet access, satellite television, telephone access and an in-room mini-bar. Additionally, the Petit Palace Italia, erected in 1902, is located at Gran Via 32 and offers similar amenities as does the Aptos Eurobuilding 2, situated at Orense 69.

You find that there are restaurants of all styles everywhere—restaurants that provide the finest cuisine that Spain has to offer. For instance, when visiting Madrid you will discover that many of the restaurants are but a short distance from your chosen accommodation. If you are looking to get a taste of Spanish cuisine there is the Combarro Restaurant but if you are seeking contemporary cuisine, visit the Zalcaín. Likewise, breakfast and brunch are regularly served at the Chocolatería San Gines and if you desire Indian Cuisine the Annapurna you will have no trouble satisfying your appetite.

Of course, you don’t merely visit Spain for its fine cuisine and comfortable accommodation. In fact, pensioners visit Spain s that they can partake in Spain’s magnificent history while they rest and relax on their holiday. There are well over 50 museums and galleries in Madrid alone. Be sure that you can spend all of your time in Spain enjoying the sights—get travel insurance for pensioners—feel safe about your trip and most of all enjoy the sun and the culture.

Keywords: Accommodation, Travel Insurance

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