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The timing of a flight often influences its price. Passengers will save money by staying overnight in their destination, or traveling during the week. Also, passengers will save money by flying during the off-season, and by including more stopovers in their itinerary. To time the best prices, passengers should book either a month or more in advance, or within twenty-four hours of the flight.

Many companies are offering winter and spring sales. Airlines have been offering great deals for travel during the month of January, for instance, because the demand for holiday travel has dropped significantly. By traveling in winter and spring, passengers will avoid congestion in planes, at airports, and in hotels, in addition to saving money.

Fares will be cheaper at destinations with lower demand. Many destinations which rely on tourism, as opposed to business travelers, have taken a large hit in the recent recession. Therefore, airlines have been lowering their fares to many tourist hot spots, making dream vacations far more affordable. For instance, vacations to touristy areas like Hawaii, Orlando, and Las Vegas have shown significant price declines.

When computing flight costs, travelers must remember fees. In this day and age, many airlines are charging fees for checked luggage, or for luggage beyond the weight limit. Also, airlines are charging for amenities ranging from bottles of water to blankets. Before booking with any airline, travelers should investigate the extra fees that are charged. A more expensive ticket, from a no-fee airline, may be cheaper than a less expensive ticket from an airline that charges fees.

Price savings go beyond just cheap airfares. Travelers should also look for savings on hotels, rental cars, and on package deals. Purchasing an airline ticket and a hotel stay at the same time, for instance, may be one of the best ways to save money. A number of well-known and lesser-known travel sites offer savings on travel packages.

Travelers will spend hours trying to compare airline rates by browsing the internet. Using an online travel agency, and allowing someone else to do the searching on their behalf, will help passengers to save both time and cash. Knowing how to get cheap flights online is nice, but sometimes relying on someone else to do the shopping makes a lot of sense.

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