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By: Lunar Lights  09-12-2011
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Moon Balloon

systems are helium or air filled. Moon balloons are a revolutionary alternative to traditional lighting and advertisement products, for outdoor or indoor usage. They provide an even, ambient 360-degree light. It is a comfortable non-glare light, which eliminates blind spots, making their use safe and pleasant. Logos or airbrushed designs can be applied on all our products.MOON BALLOONS – AIR FILLEDOur Company created the original Moon Balloon Lights. Our design of a balloon inflated with helium and able to lift a lighting device has proven to be effective in many industries and services. We realized that in a number of situations, it was impractical to use helium, either because it is not always easily available (emergency situations) or because of excessively windy conditions, or simply because a more permanent lighting unit was needed.We have developed a new PVC based fire retardant material and an airtight system, which can stay inflated for months without maintenance. It is a permanent air filled, totally silent unit.  Product reference: MA-1200H4 to 5ft in diameter.Placed on a telescopic mast that can be raised up to 15ft (higher masts available if  necessary).1200HMI white light fixture, with a color temperature of 5200K. The light is daylight quality, which results in safer work conditions (for instance, true color identification for electric wiring in emergency situation).It is glare-free and produces no shadows, which results in greater worker safety and less glare to on-coming traffic, if used outside.One single light will cover a larger area than directional lights. The effective lighting radius is greater than 100 feet.Stays up for months if necessary.Can be placed on moving equipment, vehicles or boats and can operate under most weather conditions.Custom logos can be applied as required to indicate a specific location (command  posts for instance).Powered off the mains or a generator.110V or 220V.Rapid assembly or dismantling – less than 10 minutes.Easily stored and minimal storage space required.Energy efficient: one light will replace three traditional fixtures of the same intensity.Can also be suspended from the ceiling instead of placed on a pole.

Product Reference: MA-2000W

·         Same fixtures with 2000 Watt tungsten light fixture, color temperature 3300K.

      Product Reference: MA-400HID.

·         Same fixture with 400 Watt HID light fixture, color temperature 4000K.

·         Color bulbs available.

  MOON BALLOONS – HELIUM  Balloon diameters

  • 5 feet
  • 6.5 feet
  • 8 feet
  • 10 feet
  • Other Diameters available upon request

Light Fixtures:

·         Tungsten (color temperature 3300K)

·         1000W-single bulb 110V ·         2000W- single bulb 110V or 220V ·         5000W single bulb 220V ·         10,000W – 2 bulbs/ 2 separate 220V circuits

·         HMI (color temperature 5600K)

            1200 W HMI single bulb/110V or 220V            4000W HMI single bulb/220V             Other Power fixtures available upon request

Depending on the diameter Moon Balloons will float anywhere between 20 and 100ft. Depending on the lighting fixture Moon Balloons will illuminate up to 75,000 sq.ft.
Color: White – other colors available upon request.

  • Blimp sizes
  • 20 ft
  • 24 ft
  • Light fixture:

  • Tungsten 1000Watt single bulb 110V

  • Keywords: Helium, Light Fixture, Lighting