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By: Luminex Software  09-12-2011
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Luminex Channel Gateways are mainframe virtual tape control units that enable enterprise storage systems, such as NAS, FC and internal storage from HP, HDS, EMC, EMC Data Domain, Oracle, IBM, NetApp, FalconStor and others to be used for TBs or PBs of virtual tape storage capacity. These disk-based virtual tape solutions are application transparent and can be configured for entry-to-large mainframe data centers.

Luminex’s enhanced version, Channel Gateway X is the industry’s first control unit to use 8Gb FICON connectivity to achieve mainframe tape I/O throughput at wire speed. It has set new performance standards for FICON throughput and has raised the bar by offering throughput levels that are 3 – 5X faster than other virtual tape products. Now, mainframe data centers can use fewer FICON channels, lower cost and achieve higher FICON throughput to improve all aspects of tape operations.

Channel Gateway virtual tape solutions have been used to replace tape drives, tape libraries and limited virtual tape cache products for years. In most cases, customers use the solution for batch processing, HSM/Archiving, backup and remote disaster recovery. Typically, the gateways are deployed at the customer’s production site and a remote disaster recovery site (Internal or third party DR site) and RPOs and RTOs are achieved and significantly improved by using remote replication of virtual tape data, eliminating the limitations that physical tape imposes on disaster recovery planning, testing and execution.

Typical Channel Gateway X disaster recovery configuration.

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Mainframe Console Integration for Channel Gateway - repmon

For greater detail, RepMon also logs the dates and times for the start and end of each VOLSER replication, allowing operators to analyze the replication performance of specific VOLSERs, or a range, over a period of time. The RepMon display allows operators to filter and sort by VOLSER, gateway or replication status, and provides running totals of replicated VOLSERs and their average replication time.


Luminex and Channel Gateway X

The Luminex Channel Gateway is the disk-based virtual tape solution that has eliminated the tape access delays caused by slower physical tape and mechanical tape robotics and it has expanded the capacity of virtual tape storage from TBs to PBs, well beyond the limits of a virtual tape cache.


Mainframe Console Integration for Channel Gateway - ltmon

Monitor and display messages for Channel Gateways and attached storage systems.


MODERN Mainframe Virtual Tape featuring FICON and ESCON mainframe channel gateways, connectivity and data storage products

In addition, LUMINEX provides Mainframe Tape Migration professional IT services for our mainframe enterprise customers so that all of their data can be more efficiently stored on LUMINEX’s virtual tape solution, enabling them to go tapeless. Mainframe enterprises are increasingly realizing that creating, storing and managing physical tape is a costly burden they no longer need to face as more and more mainframe users go tapeless.


Seamless and Non-disruptive Mainframe Tape Migration from LUMINEX

Luminex’s mainframe tape migration services facilitate a near-seamless, fully secure migration, with no off-site activity required, with virtually no impact to enterprise operations. As more and more mainframe enterprises go “tapeless,” they can confidently turn to Luminex to provide highly reliable migration of all of their mainframe data.