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By: Luminet Solutions  09-12-2011

  • Your improvement project in 7 steps
  • Choosing one of our telephone network solutions or one of our other phone services

Whether you're planning to move, renovate or simply upgrade your telephone network, Luminet Solutions can help you optimize this major change. Conscious of the fact that certain concerns can arise when such investments are considered, Luminet's experienced team of professionals will answer each of your questions and guide you through the selection process. Luminet Solutions promises to take charge of your project and deliver it in a timely and professional manner.

1. Consultation and choosing a solution

First of all, a consultant will meet with you to define your needs and determine how Luminet Solutions can help you identify the technologies required for the smooth running of your company's operations.

2. Analysis of your fixed-service needs

We evaluate voice, data and Internet service costs and recommend solutions adapted to your needs.

3. Network design

We then elaborate the best solution for your telephone network and computer network. Luminet can also design your server room in order to optimize the space and technologies at hand.

4. Equipment installation and configuration

At your convenience, our team will install and configure the phone system, cabling, switches, routers, Wifi, and any other necessary equipment. In order to make sure your network is running smoothly, a quality control check is performed before the technicians leave the premises.

5. Training for your personnel

Luminet specialists train end users and system administrators on the use of your office phone and its applications.

6. Technical support

The Luminet Solutions support centre is at your disposal 24/7.

7. Maintenance

Each Luminet expert is trained to respond to your telecommunications needs. These experts ensure maintenance and service so you can avoid having to deal with useless service interruptions.

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