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With over a century of communication and networking expertise, NEC proposes the widest range of communications services and the greatest choice of solutions, a comprehensive range of flexible products and applications as well as an upgrade program, which allows your network to evolve.

Luminet works with NEC because their products meet business customer criteria. Known for their efficiency and reliability, many Fortune 1000 companies use NEC products. Luminet's inventory includes several system models, such as: NEC SV8100, NEC 8300, NEC 2000, NEC IPK (I & II). We also provide support for products manufactured by companies purchased by NEC, such as NITSUKO, OPTIMA and ONYX.

Telus is recognized as a global precursor of the NGN (Next Generation Network) IP network. This partnership with Telus gives Luminet an enviable technological advantage. With a presence in most of the regions and large urban areas in Quebec, Telus has been collaborating with Luminet since 2001. Telus offers a complete range of Internet, voice, data and wireless (TELUS Mobility) solutions. The business world recognizes the Telus pan-Canadian network for its great performance and reliability.

Jabra is a major provider of high quality Bluetooth wired and wireless hands-free headsets and accessories. Because of this collaboration avec Jabra, Luminet can offer its business customers a wide range of hands-free products and solutions featuring a variety of benefits. Jabra products are safe and electronically encrypted to guarantee the privacy of each call. Jabra products also offer excellent reach, thereby improving employee mobility, not to mention great comfort, exceptional audio quality, outstanding durability and energy efficiency.


EnGenius Technologies design wireless phones, long-range cordless phones and data communication systems. The company is among the first to market affordable long-range products. Over the years, EnGenius devices were awarded great praises to recognize their efficiency. EnGenius telephones have the longest range in North America, making EnGenius a partner of choice for Luminet.


Adtran Inc. is a global provider of networking and communications equipment proposing over 1 700 solutions to allow today's businesses to take full advantage of their telecommunications network's potential. Widely used by providers and SMB's, Adtran products allow joint management of voice, video, data and Internet via copper cables, optical fibre and wireless infrastructures. Adtran solutions are currently being used by all American service providers and many global service providers, as well as by thousands of private, public and government organizations throughout the world. Adtran provides excellent products to respond to your switch and router needs, whether wired or wireless (Wifi).

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