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By: Lumenave  09-12-2011
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Online Phone Backup

There are many reasons people may decide to buy a new phone. Some of the many reasons include: one’s previous is stolen, misplaced and have gotten damaged. In some situation, people may decide to buy a new phone for the simple reason of showing status, or because of the availability of a new feature in a particular phone. In all these scenarios, one major challenge people face is how to either recover (in the case of stolen, misplaced or damaged phone) or move (in the case of changing phone in order to maintain status quo) their content, most especially their contacts, and perhaps text messages, from the previous phone to the new phone. This becomes a bigger challenge when the model and manufacturer of the old phone are completely different from the model and manufacturer of the new phone. LUMENAVE in partnership with Centrastore, UK has gotten the solution to these and many similar problems.

With LUMENAVE mobile phone backup solution (powered by Centrastore, a company registered with the information commissioner in UK) you do not need to worry anymore about your stolen, damaged or misplaced phone. LUMENAVE backup solution allows individuals not only to backup their data on their mobile phone but also to synchronize their data to as many phones as possible without the burden of having to install separate phone PC suites for each choice phone. Thus, moving from a Samsung to Nokia to Blackberry or vice versa has been made easy, secure and flexible.

Benefits of Using LUMENAVE Mobile Backup Solution

  • It guarantees the highest level of data confidentiality. The content of your mobile phones will not be used by other parties. It is like hosting your mobile phones on the Internet.

  • It gives the highest level of data protection. Your mobile phone content is as protected as your mails or pictures in publicly accessible mail sites like Yahoo, Gmail, Facebook, Hi5, and many others.

  • It is flexible, easy-to-manage, cost-effective, and scalable to fit your budget. With just two hundred and fifty naira you can backup a whole lot on your mobile phone.

There are two major customer packages for this product, namely:

Furthermore, individuals or corporate organizations can either choose to go for a pay-as-you-go package or a contract package. Each package is offered to the individual or corporate organizations using various customer categories: which can either be Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze with each having sub-categories,Alpha, Beta, Delta, Gamma, Omega to address different customer needs.

Other features available for each package include the following:

Keywords: Mobile Phone, Phone Backup

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