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Keywords: Flooring, Paraffin Wax, Laminate Floor

If you are having a small baby at home who crawls and stick with the floor, it is advisable to have laminate flooring. Generally our floors get fade and rough due to its excessive use. But the laminate floor will not dent or stain. It is water resistant and comes with a warranty period. People with high expectation always think of getting a good performance of flooring under heavy traffic condition. But their expectation goes to veil. As soon as they are equipped with the advantage of wood laminate flooring, all expectations are fulfilled.

The dimension of wooden laminates comes with different varieties ranging from 6mm to 12 mm in thickness. The thickness will help the owner from destroying the lamination quickly. The lamination with a good quality will help in resisting swellings. This will also not get affected with the moisture content. The paraffin wax is used in this connection to prevent water spills.

The problem of leveling the floor of the bathroom has to be viewed in two aspects. If the floor has an access from below like a basement or a sub floor then it will be possible to level it by placing the shims.

However, in case there is no sub floor or other ways to access the floor from below then a self-leveling product has to be used. These products are mixed with water and raked on the floor. Over a period, it will find its own level. The self-leveling products are highly expensive but its high level of utility is worth the cost. Very little time is consumed when these products are used.

Wonder board or hardibacker backer needs to be installed over the raked floor. It is also essential to install felt roofing on the wonder board so that it acts like a moisture absorber. Above this roofing the sub flooring should be done.

Concrete floor waterproofing is a way of protecting the floor from wearing or being damaged. It is protecting the wood, asphalt, concrete or steel from wearing down or being damaged by water, salt, chemicals or moisture and several other contaminants that can damage and decrease the life of your floor. There are several reasons why waterproofing is used to protect the floor. The obvious being to protect against the above elements and also to make sure that your floor last long enough.

Concrete waterproofing can be used anywhere including the basement areas, roof deck, indoor finished floorings, high traffic walkway, locker room, outdoor recreational areas, and several other places. This type of flooring is installed anywhere onto an existing surface from steel to wood, and tile to asphalt. Moreover, concrete floor waterproofing can be installed in new surfaces as well and the main purpose for this is to provide protection.

Keywords: Flooring, Laminate Floor, Paraffin Wax

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