Bostik Woodworking Product: TopCote® - Adhesive & Equipment

By: Lubie Lube  09-12-2011


Forms a durable and water-repelling dry film that dramatically reduces sliding friction on saw tables and tool surfaces. Bostik's patented fluropolymer technology in TopCote also repels dust, dirt and moisture, and seals against rust and corrosion. Compared to paste wax, TopCote is 30% slicker and prevents rust five times longer, while being far easier to apply. And like DriCote, it contains no silicones or petroleum oils.

  • Eliminates hang-ups on sliding surfaces.
  • Up to 30% slicker than paste wax, prevents rust five times longer, lasts three times longer, and is easier and quicker to apply.
  • Perfect for table saw beds, drill presses, lathes, planers, band saws, miters, panel saws and all hand tools.
  • Can also be used on the slide magazine, feed mechanism, nosepiece and feed spring on pneumatic tools.

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