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By: Lsg Brisk  09-12-2011
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As Gas Prices Soar, a New Breakthrough in Spark Plug Technology can Help Drivers Fight the "Pain at the Pump" and Reduce Global Warming

Frisco, Texas -- May 23, 2007 -- As gas prices continue to soar across the U.S., reaching over $3.00 a gallon in many parts of the country, a new breakthrough in automotive technology is helping drivers to save money at the gas pump. The Halo Spark Plug by LSG BRISK is the world's first spark plug with an exclusive 360° Firing Technology designed to ignite the air/fuel mixture up to 30% faster than conventional spark plugs. This quicker initiation of the combustion process results in an increase in combustion efficiency (95% versus 75% for standard plugs), which means that more energy is extracted from the fuel in the combustion chamber before it's exhausted as harmful emissions through the tailpipe.

By making maximum use of the energy available in the fuel, fuel efficiency can be increased by up to 10%, while harmful exhaust gases such as carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, and oxides of nitrogen (NOx) are reduced by up to 20%.

These toxic gases are responsible for a variety of environmental hazards such as global warming, acid rain, and smog, which can lead to serious health consequences for the public. This new technology is eco-friendly and represents a win-win for both drivers, trying to save money on their fuel bills, and the environment.Unlike conventional spark plugs, which generate a spark at basically the same location, the Halo's advanced design generates a vortex of rotating sparks that fire onto a circular ground electrode. This patented, cutting-edge firing technology has many advantages over conventional designs, including better ignitability, quicker initiation of the combustion process, maximum use of available fuel energy, reduced fouling and misfires, elimination of the "Quenching Effect" (the shielding of the spark from the air/fuel mixture by the standard spark plug's own ground electrode, resulting in a delay in the start of combustion and decreased fuel efficiency), and reduced electrode wear for a longer performance life.

Other benefits of the Halo Spark Plug include up to 5% increase in horsepower and torque, better throttle response, quicker acceleration, better cold starts, and cleaner engines, which can prolong engine life.Over the last few months, many consumers have been struggling with the high cost of gas, while oil companies continue to enjoy record-high profits. Since late January, the average cost of regular gas has gone up about 33%, and with the summer driving season approaching, it's very likely that prices will continue to climb. "The average gasoline pump price in the U.S. is likely to rise to a record this summer because of refinery disruptions and the high cost of crude oil," indicated Energy Secretary Samuel W. Bodman.  Consumer interest in the Halo has been growing steadily, especially after hearing about the success that organizations were experiencing in reducing their fuel costs, and LSG BRISK has recently launched their new Web site, which offers consumers the opportunity to take advantage of the same technology used by government and commercial fleets to help cut their fuel bills and reduce emissions."The response from consumers who have tried our spark plugs in their vehicles has been very positive. We are extremely pleased to be able to help drivers save at the gas pump and keep more of their hard-earned money in their pocket," indicated Bruno Presutti, a member of the sales and marketing team that helped introduce the Halo to the consumer market. Due to his concern for the environment, Dr. Richard F. Jacobs, MD, from the City of Little Rock, AR, installed the Halo in his 1999 Chevrolet Tahoe and 1991 Lexus in an attempt to lower emissions. Later, Dr. Jacobs remarked, "..although these cars were relatively clean as it relates to emissions, the installation of the Halo spark plugs reduced the pollution emissions beyond my imagination. We need Halo spark plugs in every car in America. This would provide for a substantial reduction in pollution from internal combustion engines and lead to cleaner air and better health for Americans. As an added bonus, our gasoline mileage increased on the order of 15-20% since switching to Halo plugs. The cars drive better with better acceleration and improved gasoline mileage. This is really impressive."Deb S., from Niagara Falls, ON, tried the Halos in her vehicle to see if she could do something about skyrocketing gas prices. "I thought that I had tried everything to save money on fuel, since I do a great deal of highway driving. I am very observant to my gas mileage. I drive a Hyundai Accent, 5-speed. Since I have been using the Halo Plugs in my car, I have noticed an 8% increase in my gas mileage. In this day of ever-fluctuating fuel prices..this is extra money in my pocket! ""With escalating gas prices and global warming now a real threat to our society, we are proud to offer both consumers and fleets the latest in automotive ignition technology to help them lower their fuel costs, while helping to clean and protect the environment for future generations," said Ram Mistry, VP of Sales.

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Revolutionary Halo Spark Plug, Proven to Increase Gas Mileage in Fleets by up to 10% while Reducing Emissions by up to 20%, Now Available to Consumers Online

Frisco, TX, April 19, 2007 -- LSG BRISK, LLC today announced that its revolutionary spark plug, the LSG Halo, is now available to consumers on its new Web site, .  The innovative spark plug uses a patented 360° FiringTechnology to improve fuel efficiency by up to 10% and reduce harmful emissions by up to 20%. The Halo is currently being used by various organizations, including cities, police departments, and schools to increase the efficiency of their fleets and the company is making the technology available to the public in an effort to help consumers find relief from skyrocketing gas prices.

Gas prices have risen about 30% since February to a national average of $2.87 for a gallon of regular unleaded and will likely continue to climb towards the $3 level throughout the U.S. as demand continues to rise with the approach of summer.            

"With soaring gas prices, we are pleased to make this technology available to consumers, giving them an opportunity to realize the same fuel savings that our fleet clients are currently enjoying. In addition, they will also be helping to protect the environment, and their health, by lowering vehicle emissions that contribute to acid rain, smog, and global warming," said Ram Mistry, VP of Sales.    Unlike conventional spark plugs, which generate a spark at basically the same location each time, the Halo features an exclusive 360° Firing Technology that generates rotating sparks that fire at multiple points along a circular ground electrode. Thanks to this unique design and cutting-edge firing technology, the Halo is able to ignite the air/fuel mixture approximately 30% faster than traditional spark plugs, resulting in a more efficient combustion (around 95% versus 75% for standard plugs) and maximum utilization of the energy contained in the fuel. This increased efficiency will help drivers increase their gas mileage, maximize engine performance, and lower harmful emissions such as Hydrocarbons, Carbon Monoxide, and Oxides of Nitrogen (Nox), which contribute to global warming and other environmental hazards.

Other benefits of the Halo include up to 5% increase in horsepower and torque, better cold starts, cleaner engines and smoother acceleration. Many customers have indicated that they noticed an improvement in performance immediately after installing the plugs, however, the company indicated that vehicles should be driven between 500 to 1000 miles before realizing the full fuel-saving potential of the Halo Spark Plugs.

One of the first organizations to experience the benefits of the LSG Halo spark plug was the City of Little Rock, Arkansas. Darryl Syler, the city's Fleet Maintenance Manager, decided to conduct a trial on the city's Police Fleet to see how the Halo would perform. He had the spark plugs installed on 12 Ford Crown Victoria Police Cruisers and field-tested for about four months. To ensure the accuracy of the results, a blind test was performed. When the results were in, the City of Little Rock concluded that the Halo spark plugs improved their fuel economy by an average of 11.5%.    

Mr. Syler later remarked, "I would like to tell pleased we are with the results that we have had with the Halo plugs that we have been running in our Ford Crown Victoria Police Cars. They have really produced great numbers on the fuel mileage. I look forward to continued success with the Halo plugs and I would recommend them to anyone that inquires. We have seen an 11.5% increase in fuel mileage, and as fuel prices go up, this is going to be a tremendous help in cutting our fuel costs."

Based on the positive results they achieved on the trial, the City of Little Rock has decided to retrofit their entire fleet with the LSG Halo spark plugs. Thanks to the efforts of Mr. Syler and his team in the Fleet Maintenance Department, the City of Little Rock will save approximately $225,000 annually on their fuel costs while helping to clean and preserve the environment.    

LSG BRISK, LLC is an innovative, forward-thinking automotive parts company, specializing in the development, manufacturing, and marketing of environmentally friendly and cost-effective solutions that improve fuel economy and protect the environment. 

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The Halo features a patented â??Halo Ringâ? ground electrode, with cutting-edge 360° Firing Technology that delivers superior burn characteristics for improved combustion and optimum use of available fuel energy. LSG BRISK LLC promises to replace your LSG Halo spark plug should it contain or develop any defect in workmanship or materials for 50,000 miles or three years from the date of purchase, whichever comes first.


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Three tests at approximately 10-km intervals were conducted upon initial installation of new Bosch FLR8LDCU plugs and the results averaged. Hydrocarbon is unburned gasoline vapor and a reduction in HC means that more of the fuel is being burned in the combustion chamber. TUV is an Independent Testing Agency monitored by the Federal Government of Germany. Use of the HaloTM Plug should lead to decreased acid rain, smog, and global warming.


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The Halo features a globally patented â??Halo Ringâ? ground electrode, with cutting-edge 360° Firing Technology that delivers superior burn characteristics for improved combustion, higher fuel efficiency, and optimum engine performance. LSG BRISK Introduces the Next Evolution in Spark Plug Technology: The LSG Halo Spark Plug is a premium spark plug designed for maximum fuel efficiency and optimum engine performance.


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The Halo's cutting-edge Firing Technology ignites the air/fuel mixture up to 30% faster than conventional spark plugs, resulting in a more efficient combustion (approximately 95% versus 75% for standard plugs) and maximum utilization of the energy contained in the fuel.


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