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By: Lsg Brisk  09-12-2011
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LSG BRISK Introduces the Next Evolution in Spark Plug Technology: The LSG Halo Spark Plug is a premium spark plug designed for maximum fuel efficiency and optimum engine performance

The Halo features a globally patented “Halo Ring” ground electrode, with cutting-edge 360° Firing Technology that delivers superior burn characteristics for improved combustion, higher fuel efficiency, and optimum engine performance.

Unlike standard spark plugs that generate a spark at basically the same location each time, the Halo generates rotating sparks that fire in a 360° pattern around the circular electrode.  This advanced firing system has several advantages, including better ignitability, durability, quicker initiation of the combustion process, maximum use of available fuel energy, reduced fouling and misfires, and virtually no gap erosion for a longer performance life.

In addition, the open ring design of the ground electrode plays a major role in helping to improve combustion efficiency.  Since the flame kernel is not blocked by the ground electrode as in other spark plugs, it can travel freely through the ring into the combustion chamber, igniting the air/fuel mixture up to 30% faster than conventional spark plugs.  This results in a more complete combustion and less wasted fuel coming out of the tailpipe, which means better fuel economy and less pollution.  Good news for both drivers and the environment! 

Learn more about the Halo's Features & Benefits and how it can.

Keywords: Firing System, Fuel, Fuel Efficiency, Ground Electrode, Halo Spark Plug, spark plugs,

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LSG BRISK - Press Room

"With escalating gas prices and global warming now a real threat to our society, we are proud to offer both consumers and fleets the latest in automotive ignition technology to help them lower their fuel costs, while helping to clean and protect the environment for future generations," said Ram Mistry, VP of Sales.



The Halo features a patented â??Halo Ringâ? ground electrode, with cutting-edge 360° Firing Technology that delivers superior burn characteristics for improved combustion and optimum use of available fuel energy. LSG BRISK LLC promises to replace your LSG Halo spark plug should it contain or develop any defect in workmanship or materials for 50,000 miles or three years from the date of purchase, whichever comes first.


LSG Brisk - Trial Results

Three tests at approximately 10-km intervals were conducted upon initial installation of new Bosch FLR8LDCU plugs and the results averaged. Hydrocarbon is unburned gasoline vapor and a reduction in HC means that more of the fuel is being burned in the combustion chamber. TUV is an Independent Testing Agency monitored by the Federal Government of Germany. Use of the HaloTM Plug should lead to decreased acid rain, smog, and global warming.


LSG Brisk - Product Information

The Halo's cutting-edge Firing Technology ignites the air/fuel mixture up to 30% faster than conventional spark plugs, resulting in a more efficient combustion (approximately 95% versus 75% for standard plugs) and maximum utilization of the energy contained in the fuel.


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Canadian and International orders may be subject to import duties and taxes, which are assessed when the package reaches your country and are then paid by the customer. LSG BRISK does not collect duties and taxes and is unable to predict which shipments will be assessed these fees or the amount of the fee that may be charged. If you are not sure about the engine size, please check your vehicle owner's manual or call your dealer.