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By: Lost Art Ca  09-12-2011
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Art Hanging Services
The arrangement of art and objects is, in itself, a work of art. We offer consultation on art placement as well as the hanging of art to our clients with collections. We would be more than happy to collaborate with art consultants, designers, decorators, architects and collectors to create a cohesive art display. We specialize in salon style grouping, symetrical displays, series, shelf displays, Paris hangs, totem or column hangs, floor leans, hanging from ribbons and mosaic displays to create a balanced dialogue between art and design. Our hourly rate is $75.00 for one professional, or $125.00 for two professionals
Travel time is $32.50 per hour

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Keywords: Art

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Vintage Art, Modern Art & Antique Art (Paintings, Ceramics & Sculptures - rentals

We purchased the art directly from the artist or the family of the artist, and they have given us their written permission to allow the work to be photographed or filmed. For many collections, we have direct permission from the artist or family of the artist, allowing the images to be used. Location Rental The Salon and our roof are available for rental to photographers and location scouts.


Vintage Art, Modern Art & Antique Art (Paintings, Ceramics & Sculptures - shipping

Approximate prices are given, as factors such as excessive weight or fragility may effect the final costs. Sample box sizes include: 51"x6"x51", 57"x6"x48", 60"x6"x44", etc. Medium 2 Piece: (Once wrapped will fit into a 36"x6?x30. Once wrapped will fit into a 24"x6"x18. Multiple items can be packaged together.