By: London Business Phone  09-12-2011
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Legacy PBX Conversion The simplest and most cost effectivesolution is to convert your existing analog PBX or key system to VoIP trunks. If you are happy with current functionality but want to save over 50% over monthly subscription fees, Western IT Group can install a conversion unit. You can heep your existing phone numbers and we run your telephone calls through our voice network gateway. Realize immediate savings by avoiding long distance, WATS charges. No more trunk rollover numbers. Just keep your published numbers and start saving. This solution does not support unified communication nomadic features with smart mobile phones. The solution is inexpensive and justifies a very rapid ROI within a few months.

Hosted IP-PBX Western IT Hosts London Busines Phone IP-PBX in a secure and robust data center. This PBX offers full PBX functionality with no additional charges. Unlimited Auto attendants, voice mail, IVR. Subscribers need only buy the phones of their choice, pay a low monthly hosting subscription fee, and register their phone numbers on our voice network gateway. Western IT Group provides all system administration, servicing, licensing, maintenance and support included in the hosting fee. Hosted PBX also enables use of smart mobile phones to access system services, reduce air-time, by-pass long distance and roaming charges and provide find-me / follow-me capability . RoI on capital typically less than 12 months displacing an existing legacy system.

Dedicated IP-PBX For larger enterprises with over 25 extensions and high volume calling, a dedicated IP-PBX becomes the most cost effective solution. Western IT Group will install a dedicated IP-PBX server, provision and  configure phones with full IP-PBX functionality. The system is scaleable to support over 2000 users in a single or multi-site operation. Our system uses best -in-class and industry standard server components and open source operating system and applications for full system portability and investment protection. The solution is the same system London Business Phone uses for Hosted IP-PBX. Hosted IP-PBX clients can migrate their investment in IP-phones to a full dedicated IP-PBX at any time with no impact on operation or function. ROI for a dedicated solution typically 24 months, and offers highest expense reduction on monthly subscription fees. The system can be installed in customer premises or co-located in our data center for full service management, maintenance, backup, and adminstration.

Smartphone users, travelers and road warriors - Register your smart mobile phone on your IP-PBX to reduce air time, eliminate roaming and long distance charges. Access common resources. Use the nomadic find-me / follow-me feature and other PBX capabilities.

Keywords: Business Phone