Your Partner in Freight Audit and Cost Reduction - rate

By: Logicacorp  09-12-2011

Pricing Improvements

You've worked hard for the partnership you've established over the years with your carriers. There's a reason you use them. "You'll always own the agreement. Never us." At the same time, you can't afford to spend more than you have to, especially on negotiable items like transportation. Our approach helps maintain the carrier relationship while achieving significant cost savings for you. We're experts at identifying savings opportunities within your current pricing agreements and helping to improve and optimize the rates. You maintain the relationship, control and the negotiations. We provide the expertise, guidance and analysis to achieve amazing results.

Measurable Results

After several weeks of invoices are loaded into our system, Logica performs a benchmarking analysis of your shipping rates. If an opportunity exists for improved pricing, we can optimize your current shipping rates resulting in 7—18% in net savings!

Logistical Expertise
Behind-the-Scene Approach

Many shippers don't know the price they should be paying and how they even go about getting it. Our proven process to work behind-the-scenes gives you control, maintains your carrier relationship and accomplishes great results. Consider us a trusted advisor and expert providing your team the knowledge and benchmarking necessary to achieve pricing you deserve.

Partner for Success

According to a study by Morgan Stanley, 11% of all shippers use a consultant and those that do realize a 49% greater improvement on discounts than those who do not. Our expertise and proven process makes Logica a perfect partner for success.

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