Your Partner in Freight Audit and Cost Reduction - analytics

By: Logicacorp  09-12-2011


Logica provides analytics software free of charge for all clients with unlimited users. Our "Trends" dashboard will help you successfully spot and manage trends in your transportation spend. This means you control and manage your costs easier and more effective than ever before. With the right tools and visibility you can easily reduce controllable accessorial fees. Whether its address corrections, late payment fees, or opportunities in mode shift or consolidation, Logica provides all the tools necessary to help you be successful in managing your spend and costs. Our "Trends" dashboard provides insight into hidden charges that leads our customers into reducing and saving additional money rather then spending it.

Opportunity Savings

Which carrier is consistently late on deliveries? Where could I have shifted my express packages to ground with the same deliver time? Where am I exposed to fraud shipments? A lot of questions need a lot of answers. Our reports give you the tools necessary to make sound decisions. It is opportunity savings at its finest.

Big Picture

Enjoy complete visibility at all times. It is nearly impossible to strategize a cost-savings plan when stumbling through thousands or even millions of shipment records or invoices. With our analytics, your data suddenly becomes sensible and helpful. Insight, knowledge and understanding.. instantly.

Ad Hoc

Reports are a crucial key to successfully managing your transportation spend. It is also a key indicator on where you are able to cut costs, make modifications, and identify new opportunities to increase savings. Within our analytics, you are able to produce instant reports on all of your data, anytime.. anywhere. You can easily query millions of records to pull just the data you want. It's simple, it's fast, it's Ad Hoc at its best. We also have standard reports like GL Coding Summaries, Zone and Weight Distribution, Time in Transit, and Service Level Analysis just to name a few.


Need a customized report that's not standard? Is it customized to your company? No problem! We understand that every company is unique and needs specific requirements to best suite their needs. That's why our report development team is here for you. Simply make the request and watch the magic happen.

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