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By: Lj Horse Boarding  09-12-2011

43.9% Pryantel Pamoate

Summer grazing

Wormer that removes internal parasites inall types of horses and ponies: large strongyles (bloodworms), smallstrongyles, pinworms and roundworms. Each oral syringe treats up to1,200 lb body weight. Horses and ponies (over 8 months) should betreated every 6 weeks. Mares should be treated 1 month before foalingdate and again 10 days after foaling. Foals' dose (2-8 months of age)every 4 weeks.

Apple flavored for palatability.

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Never use the hoof pick from toe to heel because it is more likely to get caught in a crevice and puncture the sole or frog if the foot is jerked from your grasp. Use the hoof pick in a downward motion toward the toe.


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Suckling,150-250 lbs weanling, 250-400 lbs yearling, 400-600 lbs horse, 600-900 lbs?lrg horse, 900-1200 lbs. Premium-quality nylon web with extra-heavy-duty double bar buckle. Heavy-duty cast hardware is equal in quality to any on the market. Eyelet holes are burned-in to prevent pull-out and fraying.