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By: Little Beaver  09-12-2011
Keywords: foundation repair, Augers, Soil Sampling

Hydraulic Earth Drills

  • Powerful, reliable, reversible hydraulic drive
  • Torque-free digging eliminates kickback
  • Highly maneuverable three-wheel chassis


  • Industrial fencing
  • Landscaping
  • Pole barns
  • Soil sampling
  • Groundwater monitoring
  • Mobile home & light utility anchoring
  • Foundation pier holes
  • Horizontal boring

A = 11 hp engine (B&S Vanguard or Honda)

B = Sight level gauge

C = Front handle

D = Torque tube connection

E = Swiveling front wheel

F = Quick-connect couplers

G = 10 micron return filter

H = 5-gallon hydraulic reservoir

I = Pneumatic wheels

J = Rear Handles (2)

Choose Your Handle

To complete your Hydraulic earth drill, choose one of our three handle options. All handles feature a self-centering control valve for return to neutral when released.

The one-man handle is used for ordinary drilling tasks. The 150 RPM motor generates 225 ft. lbs. of torque to drive augers up to 9″ in diameter. An optional 220 RPM motor is available when higher speeds are desired.

Choose the two-man handle for drilling larger diameter (10″–16″) or extra deep holes. It features a standard 150 RPM motor. Faster (220 RPM) and slower (125 RPM) motors are available as options when hole digging requires greater drilling speed or added torque.

A high-torque anchor handle is designed for anchoring mobile homes or light utility work. At 60 RPM, the standard anchor handle generates 360 ft. lbs. of torque. Optional 125 and 150 RPM motors are also available and are ideally suited for driving bucket augers when performing foundation repair work.

By combining higher horsepower engines with the reversibility, reliability and convenience of hydraulic drive, Little Beaver Hydraulic earth drills are ideal for drilling in rocky or heavy clay soils. With their extra torque, these powerful earth drills can handle augers up to 16″ in diameter and can drill depths of up to 30´ with 12″ or smaller diameter augers, depending on soil conditions. A forward/reverse lever lets you remove the auger if it gets caught under an obstruction, such as a rock or tree root.

Even with all this power, most hole drilling remains a one-man operation, thanks to our patented torque tube. The torque tube eliminates the kickback common with competitive earth drills, making one-man drilling safe, fast and productive. Convenient front and rear handles make it easy to load the Hydraulic earth drill into and out of your truck.

Telescoping Torque Tube

The Telescoping Torque Tube Kit allows the power source to remain on a vehicle while the included two-man handle is used to drill holes up to 11 feet away. The kit is perfect for drilling along roadways or other accessible areas, and also allows attachment to any equipment that has auxiliary hydraulic connections.

Tripod Kit

The Little Beaver Tripod Kit allows controlled drilling and easy 4″ auger removal up to 35′ deep. Designed for soil sampling and geophysical work, the Tripod Kit features fast set-up and a hand winch, and is compatible with both one- and two-man handles.

General Purpose Hydraulic Power Source

The General Purpose Hydraulic Power Source powers Little Beaver earth drills and a broad array of other hydraulic tools, including concrete saws, breakers, tampers, and chain saws. This versatile Power Source features an attaching point for the torque tube, oil cooler with 10″ fan and a 4 gallon fuel tank for dependable, all day operation. The Power Source can be secured in the back of a truck or mounted on optional two or three wheel carriages for in-the-field portability and maneuverability.


Brand / Model Honda GX340 Honda GX630 Honda GX660 Kohler KD425-2 Yanmar 3TNM68
10.7 HP Net 20.8 HP Net 21.5 HP Net 18.8 HP Max. 18.9 HP Net
Fuel Tank Capacity 1.6 US gallons 3.85 US gallons 3.85 US gallons 3.85 US gallons 3.85 US gallons
Oil Alert System Std. Std. Std. N/A N/A
Starting Recoil Electric Electric Electric Electric
Forward / Reverse Std. Std. Std. Std. Std.
Auger Speed (rpm) 60 to 235 100 to 240 120 to 285 100 to 240 100 to 240
Auger Torque (ft*lbs) 380 to 170 690 to 260 690 to 260 690 to 260 690 to 260
Maximum Flow (gpm) 6 10 12 10 10
Hydraulic Pressure (psi) 2700 1500 to 3000 1500 to 3000 1500 to 3000 1500 to 3000
Reservoir Capacity 5 US gallons 2.7 US gallons 2.7 US gallons 2.7 US gallons 2.7 US gallons
Oil Cooler w/ Fan N/A Std. Std. Std. Std.
Return Filter 10 micron 10 micron 10 micron 10 micron 10 micron
Inlet Suction Strainer 100 US mesh 100 US mesh 100 US mesh 100 US mesh 100 US mesh
Oil Level Indicator Sight Gauge Dipstick Dipstick Dipstick Dipstick
Size w/ Wheel Kit
Length (inches) 47 54 54 54 63
Width (inches) 24 30 30 30 30
Height (inches) 24 30 30 30 37
Dry Weight (lbs.) 185 310 360
Size w/o Wheel Kit
Length (inches) N/A 40 40 40 49
Width (inches) N/A 25 25 25 25
Height (inches) N/A 25 25 25 32
Dry Weight (lbs.) N/A 275 325

Handle Specifications

One-Man Handle HYD-1MH125 HYD-1MH150 HYD-1MH220 HYD-AH60
Two-Man Handle HYD-2MH125 HYD-2MH150 HYD-2MH220 HYD-2MH60
Maximum: Speed (rpm) Torque (ft*lbs) Speed (rpm) Torque (ft*lbs) Speed (rpm) Torque (ft*lbs) Speed (rpm) Torque (ft*lbs)
HYD-PS11H 125 295 150 300 235 170 60 380
One-Man Handle HDL-110 HDL-112
Two-Man Handle HDL-210 HDL-212 HDL-214 HDL-224
Maximum: Speed (rpm) Torque (ft*lbs) Speed (rpm) Torque (ft*lbs) Speed (rpm) Torque (ft*lbs) Speed (rpm) Torque (ft*lbs)
PS-20HA 240 260 205 295 165 325 105 380
PS-24H 285 260 250 295 200 325 105 380
PS-19D 285 260 205 295 165 325 105 380
PS-19YD 285 260 205 295 165 325 105 380
Two-Man Handle HDL-3210 HDL-3212 HDL-3214 HDL-3224
Maximum: Speed (rpm) Torque (ft*lbs) Speed (rpm) Torque (ft*lbs) Speed (rpm) Torque (ft*lbs) Speed (rpm) Torque (ft*lbs)
PS-20HA 240 335 200 400 160 520 100 690
PS-24H 285 335 240 400 190 520 120 690
PS-19D 240 335 200 400 160 520 100 690
PS-19YD 240 335 200 400 160 520 100 690

Keywords: Augers, Earth Drill, Earth Drills, foundation repair, Hole Digging, Hydraulic Reservoir, Pneumatic Wheels, Soil Sampling, Torque Tube,

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