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By: Little Beaver  09-12-2011
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Snap On Augers

  • Three auger types (standard, carbide and heavy-duty)
  • Variety of diameters (1.5″ to 16″) and lengths (36″ & 42″)
  • Complete selection of replacement points and blades

Little Beaver makes a wide variety of augers to handle virtually any drilling need. From small 1.5″ diameter augers used for soil sampling, to large 16″ nursery augers, we’ve got the auger type and size for your application. All augers feature a convenient spring-loaded snap button that secures the auger to the drill head, eliminating the need for pins or bolts. Available in both 36″ and 42″ lengths, Little Beaver snap-on augers feature heavy-duty flighting, replaceable/reversible blades and a secure snap button connection. Thirteen diameter sizes from 1.5″ to 16″ means there’s an auger that’s just right for your application.

Standard Snap On Augers

Auger length Depth of hole
36″ 30″
42″ 36″

Diameter Sizes (Standard Auger): 1.5″ 2″ 3″ 4″ 5″ 6″ 7″ 8″ 9″ 10″ 12″ 14″ 16″

Standard Points & Blades

All standard snap-on augers are equipped with hardened, replaceable points and side-mounted cutting blades. These components do the actual cutting as the auger rotates, protecting the auger flighting from excessive wear. To ensure maximum digging efficiency and auger life, the point and blade should be replaced when they become dull.

Small diameter augers (1.5″, 2″, 3″) feature screw-on points only. All other points and blades are bolt-on. Only two bolt-on point sizes are required: one for 4″ to 12″ diameter augers, and the other for 14″ and 16″ diameter augers. The side-mounted cutting blade is available in the corresponding auger diameter size, from 4″ to 16″.

Standard Blade Sizes: 4″ 5″ 6″ 7″ 8″ 10″ 12″ 14″ 16″

Standard Point Sizes: <— one size for 4″-12″ —> <– one size for 14″-16″ –>

Screw-on Point Sizes: 1.5″ 2″ 3″

Carbide Blades

When drilling in hard clay, frozen ground, or hard pan soils, carbide blades are recommended. By cutting the clay or ground into small pieces rather than digging into these materials, you’ll realize faster hole drilling.

These blades mount to the bottom of standard augers, replacing both the standard point and side cutting blade. Grade 5 mounting bolts and locknuts are included with the 4″ to 14″ carbide blades.

Carbide Blade (Std Auger) Sizes: 1.5″  2″  3″  4″  5″  6″  7″  8″   9″  10″  12″  14″

Carbide Blade (Hex Auger) Sizes: 1.2″   2″   3″

Heavy-Duty Snap-On Augers

When drilling in rocky soils, heavy-duty augers are recommended. In addition to different flighting, these augers are equipped with a heavy-duty tooth and side cutting blades. They operate best at slower RPM’s than standard augers and are recommended for 20:1 or 13:1 gear ratio transmissions.

All heavy-duty augers come complete with a standard bolt-on point and dirt tooth blades. Points can be replaced with a standard point for ordinary drilling or a carbide tip point for abrasive soils. Six different blade types are available to meet a specific drilling condition. All blades are held in place with rubber locks.

Heavy Duty Point & Blade Replacement

1 Standard Point #9027-P Ordinary digging
2 Carbide tip point #9027-PC Abrasive soils
3 Standard dirt blade #9023-P35 Ordinary digging All pockets
4 Hardfaced blade #9023-P35HS Abrasive soils All pockets, HF side up
5 Carbide tip blade #9023-P35CT Hard pan, frozen soils All pockets
6 Carbide insert blade #9023-P1336 Abrasive soil and impact All pockets
7 Chisel point blade #9023-5T30 Loose rock, compacted soil Inside pockets only, rib side up
8 Chisel point w/ carbide blade #9023-5T30C Compacted rock, abrasive soil, Inside pockets only, rib side up
9 Rubber lock #9027-PR Secure blades to auger

Snap-On Auger Extensions

When deeper holes are required, add a Little Beaver snap-on extension. Available in both full flighted and tube versions, these extensions are equipped with a spring-loaded snap button for fast, yet secure connections.

Full Flighted Extensions

Available in a variety of diameters of 3″ through 14″ and in lengths of 18″ or 36″, full flighted extensions are used with the corresponding size auger to quickly pull cutting spoils to the surface, leaving a clean hole.

Diameter Sizes: 3″ 4″ 5″ 6″ 7″ 8″ 9″ 10″ 12″ 14″

Tube Extensions

Tube extensions can be used with any size auger. While some hole clean-out is required, the lightweight, snap-on design and universal use make them an invaluable accessory when deeper hole drilling is required.

Lengths: 18″ and 36″ lengths (fit any size auger)

Small Diameter Augers & Extensions

Used widely in the geophysical field for soil sampling, Little Beaver small diameter Hex augers consist of a replaceable hex point, auger body and a hex adaptor that connects to the power head by a snap button connection. The point and adaptor are connected to the auger by means of a steel locking pin. Both hex augers and extensions are available in 36″, 42″, 48″ and 60″ lengths.

Diameter Sizes (Hex Auger): 1.5″ 2″ 3″

Lengths: 18″ and 36″ lengths (fit any size auger)

D-Series Augers

Designed for use with the Big Beaver Drill Rig, all D-series augers feature solid top construction and connect with a drive pin for a stronger connection when drilling at deeper depths. The augers are available with a standard point and blade, carbide blade or heavy duty type teeth. Both D-series augers and extensions are offered in 36″ 48″ or 60″ lengths, and a wide range of diameters from 4″ to 18″. Unlike the snap-on augers, the 12” D-series is a full 12″ diameter.

Keywords: Augers, carbide blades

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