Telinta, Inc.: Callback

By: Litespan  09-12-2011
Keywords: service providers, Mobile Phones, Access Number

Telinta's Callback solution allows service providers to enable users' initiation of long-distance calls by a variety of origination methods.

  • Web callback
  • SMS callback
  • ANI callback
  • DNIS callback

With web callback a user initiates a callback by inputting required details, e.g. user name, password, phone number, etc. on the web page. Most popular web call back applications used by our clients are:

  • Initiate call from mobile browser
  • Connect web site user to call center

Most mobile phones are capable of sending short text messages (SMS) that can be used to initiate a callback and take advantage of low cost International calls.

ANIor so called missed call will allow to call access number that will never answer, therefore no charges will be applied for this missed call. Within a configurable time frame, usually 20-30 seconds, the user will receive a callback prompting to dial destination number. This service will only work for the registered phones based on the caller's info.

Keywords: Access Number, Mobile Phones, service providers

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