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By: Lingoport  09-12-2011

What is Globalyzer?

Globalyzer is a client/server software system that works together to scan code and step engineers through internationalization issues in a wide variety of programming languages. It includes:

    How is Globalyzer Used?

    Adapting Existing Code — Maybe your code base is 250,000 lines, maybe it’s well over 5 million. Globalyzer is the surest way to analyze and fix it so it’s ready for localization. Use Globalyzer to find and fix:

    • Embedded Strings — messages and interfaces in your code which will need to be translated
    • Locale-limiting methods, functions and classes — programming dependent elements that may limit support for worldwide character sets (e.g. enabling Unicode), numerical, calendar and other types of formatting
    • Unique programming patterns that block efficient translation or application logic in multiple languages

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