Services Offered By Linda Kuriloff

By: Linda Means To Wait  09-12-2011


1.  Workshop Facilitator:
As a facilitator, I take subjects as Leadership, Diversity, or Career-Readiness and engage your group in an informative an interactive learning process.

2.  Acting Coach:
Whether you're auditioning with a scene, monologue or song, I can help you put your best foot forward. Some of my students have gotten into such reputable drama training programs as the Yale School of Drama, American Academy of Dramatic Arts, London Academy of Dramatic Arts, American Conservatory Theatre's Summer Training Congress, and National Theatre Conservatory at the Denver Theatre Center.

3.  Job Coach:
With all the experience you gain as a freelancer, you bring far more to the table than others in the job market who've been working at one place for many years. Your resilience, optimism, and doggedness make you an extremely attractive employee. Now you just need a resume that accentuates the positive. As your Job Coach, I'll bring your skills, life and work experience together in an impressive format to command the kind of dollars you need to live the lifestyle you want. With my Interview Preparation technique, you'll get the edge you need to snag the job you want in this competitive market.

4.  Mortgage Consultant:
Opting for an unconventional lifestyle doesn't mean you should opt out of buying a home. Home ownership has many benefits for the freelance population. Walking you through the process of securing a mortgage that carries the best interest rate available to you is my pleasure as your broker.