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By: Lincoln Hearing  09-12-2011
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"Hi Lorraine & Jerry, I am so appreciative of the care and attention I received at today's appointment. I have been wearing hearing aids for 35 years and I have never experienced the level of professionalism that was given today. I thought that my hearing aids were at the end of their lifespan, however with proper testing and adjustments, they have never worked better. I will highly recommend your clinic to my friends. Thanks again "

– Gerri Ras

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  • Well, Christmas Eve is exactly one month away and if you haven’t started your shopping yet you will be eventually. We have just started and have a new addition to the family to shop for this year, our grandson who is just over 11 wks. old. I have always enjoyed shopping in Toy Stores & especially [..]

  • Lincoln Hearing Clinic has officially been open for a year! We’d like to take this time to Thank all of our clients and business associates for choosing Lincoln Hearing Clinic for your Personal Hearing Healthcare needs & for your support. We are blessed to be able to serve in the community that we live in and look [..]

  • Residents of Niagara Region may soon be hearing a lot less of some familiar expressions at social gatherings, noisy restaurants or business meetings: “Pardon me?” “Can you repeat that?” “I’m sorry, I didn’t hear what you said.” Mr. Jerry Laufman, Owner of Lincoln Hearing Clinic in Beamsville, Ontario is one of the first hearing care [..]

Keywords: Hearing Aids, Hearing Care, hearing clinic, Hearing Test

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RITE (Receiver-In-The-Ear) instruments are a hybrid type where the main components of the system sit behind the ear and the receiver sits in the ear canal. Hearing instruments are divided into three main types: BTEs (those that fit Behind-The-Ear), ITEs and RITE. Custom musician ear plugs & monitors.