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By: Limona Group  09-12-2011
Keywords: Architects, home buyer

In addition to building entire neighbourhoods, LIMONA can assist in all stages of home planning, construction and project management. You can retain the services for one small part of your development or for the entire project.

You can trust the knowledgeable and careful approach of the LIMONA team to work with your municipality. This includes working on your behalf to successfully rezone land, obtain permits and suggest alternative, cost-effective means of development.

LIMONA is also skilled in bringing together community and stakeholders to inform and seek input into all new developments.

We have a team of professionals we work with during this important phase such as Architects, Landscape Architects, Environmental Consultants, Civil and Structural Engineers, Exterior and Interior Design Consultants.

LIMONA excels in quality control during construction - every room in every house is thoroughly reviewed at all stages.

Having a new home built, while exciting, can be quite overwhelming for most home buyers. The Limona Group has a professional marketing team that helps the customer sort through the myriad of choices available to them and guide them from concept to reality. The range of services provided includes: financial consultation and introduction to the best lending institutions; Real Estate services for the customers existing property; Initial guidance in the construction/selection process; and most importantly, being a helpful conduit for information exchange between the home buyer and Limona.

Once the customer has completed the initial decision process, they are introduced to the design team which includes Exterior and Interior Design Consultants who help fine-tune the finishing details and personal touches that most home buyers want. Also available are Environmental Consultants, Civic and Structural Engineers, Architects and Landscape professionals. This complete package provided takes the home building process from a daunting task to a successful stress-free event for most home buyers.

Keywords: Architects, home buyer