LightSpeedECM: Product Overview

By: Lightspeedecm  09-12-2011

LightSpeed ECM has been designed for ease of use and fast implementation. We know that the power of any software application is the speed in which employees adapt it to their day-to-day activities.

Built on an open architecture, LightSpeed ECM is both flexible and scalable. It can be easily integrated to your existing applications and can grow dramatically as your needs grow.

LightSpeed ECM contains functionality in it's base configuration that most other companies only offer as add-on-modules.

Store any type of information in the LightSpeed ECM

LightSpeed ECM offers comprehensive search and retrieval functionality allowing you to access the right information when you need it via your desktop or secure web connection.

LightSpeed ECM helps reduce risks and lower costs associated with regulatory and legal compliance.

LightSpeed ECM security controls access and editing through stringent user and roles based privileges.

LightSpeed ECM offers OCR, optical character recognition, for document, page, or selected area. When used in conjunction with a lookup table, indexing of large volumes of captured information can be completed in hours, not days.

LightSpeed ECM

LightSpeed ECM can address your information and document capture needs right out of the box, dramatically increasing productivity and maximizing the quality of the information delivered to the users and customers.

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LightSpeedECM: No Contract Required

We want you to feel confident that at any time you can fire us and access your data in a standard SQL database, image files in a standard TIF file format, and any other data files in their native format. We'll provide you with documentation regarding the security of your data, availability, and policies and procedures to engage our professional services all without a contract or credit card.


LightSpeedECM: Services Overview

First of all we help educate our customers so they can make the best decisions going forward as to what documents to store, for how long, how to retrieve them, and integrate the solution with your desktop applications. LightSpeed ECM provides a broad spectrum of value added services to our information and image management solution partners beyond the software application.


LightSpeedECM: aXs Integrator

What's also cool is that its a standard feature, really a benefit, with the LightSpeed ECM Full and Read-Only Concurrent Clients. This is by far one of the most POWERFUL features of the LightSpeed ECM solution.