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Cranes are designed and intended for intermittent duty use. All 12V DC motors have limits of 5-8 minutes every 30 minutes. A second battery close to the crane insures adequate voltage and lengthens motor life.  It is required on cranes at or above 10,000 Ft-lbs and is suggested for all DC Powered Cranes.

Cranes are designed for those applications where a longer duty cycle is needed. Any application where multiple lifts are required needs a hydraulic crane.

or a Jackstand are needed to stabilize the vehicle and prevent twist of the body as the load is lifted. Outriggers are required on the larger cranes in order for the crane to pass the stability test as required by SAE J765.

  Boom Rests, Pedestals or Mounting plates are available from Liftmoore for a complete installation .

are offered in either wireless or wired pendant controls.

a copy of the Liftmoore Warranty is included with each and every owner’s manual

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Keywords: Cranes