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By: Lifesource Chiropractic Studio  09-12-2011
Keywords: Chiropractors, nervous system

Chiropractic is a profession that looks at health in a radically different way from allopathic methods.  Our focus is on quality of life and healthy living, and not just the elimination of symptoms and diseases.  Chiropractic is rooted in trusting the process of life and the inborn properties of self healing and self accountability innate to the human body and spirit.

The positive symptomatic and life enhancing results experienced by millions are what has made Chiropractic the largest drugless healing art in the world. Chiropractic has resolved countless conditions by unleashing the healing power of the body.  Yet there is more to it than healing various physical ailments.  Chiropractic is also about deepening the inner connection to one’s essence. It is not about feeling less by numbing symptoms; to the contrary, it is about feeling more and being more aware and alive. It is about experiencing life fully. It is about healing and feeling. It is about Quality of Life!

The nervous system is the medium used to transfer Life Force, and all the information encoded within it, from the brain cells to the tissue cells.  It is by far the most important system of our body.  The spine houses and protects the spinal cord, the information highway of our being. It is also our body's support structure, just like the “spine” of a building.

The spine harbours previous life stresses that we have not yet successfully integrated.  Past patterns are stuck in the spine and affect our body, mind and spirit, holding us in old or unhealthy ways of being, or in chronic pain or disease patterns.

Chiropractic adjustments help free these tension patterns to allow the nerve system to release Life Force and integrate past experiences in a positive way. Through the process of Chiropractic care, a new state of being is available, improving physiology and making healing possible.

Driven by deep core values, dedicated self-healing and solid Chiropractic philosophical foundations, the Chiropractors at Lifesource have a profound desire to serve humanity from the heart with masterful skill and passion.  We are here to serve our communities, regardless of age or condition, to promote a healthy future for all.

We will help you take responsibility for your own health and healing. We recognize that more and more people are interested in understanding how to take care of themselves and get more out of life. We serve these needs with ongoing education and information. Our intention is to lead people to their highest potential through ongoing Chiropractic wellness care.

Keywords: Chiropractors, nervous system

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Force and direction of each contact is determined by the Doctor using indicators of specific tension patterns in showing up in the body at that particular moment in time. Without using any more than the small amount of pressure that could comfortably applied to a closed eyelid, NSA allows the body to reflect on trapped tension.


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They start to be ingrained the functioning of the body while tissues such as muscles, ligaments and nerves start to change as a result of the stress. While we are in this state, our survival brain takes over, focussing very intensely on what is going on in the present moment. The result is altered posture which can put pressure and tension on the delicate spinal nerves and the cord itself.