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By: Lifencompass  09-12-2011

Lifencompass » Private Consultations

I perform the art of readings. This can and often includes a connection to you, your spirits, guides, gods, and powers that be with the use of a Divinatory tool, most often the Tarot.

These readings are confidential, conducted in the privacy of my home. I do not work in public spaces, unless they be natural such as the forest, the beach, or a park; private rooms that I may bless and create a sacred space in for my work are also acceptable. I prefer my home as I have access to a variety of aides including essential oils, stones, sticks, art, and the power of a safe and secure environment.

What to expect

A reading is generally begun before you enter my home. Together we will hold hands and I will connect to you and the spiritual / energetic energies about you. I will bring up what I see at this level. Any information that comes through.

After this first consultation you will shuffle cards and / or we will begin a dialogue. We share information. I’m not going to drag answers out of you, we collaborate to find the message that is given in the cards, often with insights that come through the air for us to help bring clarity, insight, understanding, and often healing.

After this stage the floor is open for reasonable and related questions until we end the reading.

Ministerial Fee: $60 hr. / Consultation, additional services or suggestions may be recommended.

For more information please contact me:

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