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By: Lifebotanica  09-12-2011
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  • Diet information. Only 25% of us eat fruits and vegetables, so a cornerstone is helping you to eat 'cleaner' and healthier. Our diet program recommends simple tools to eat healthier. And we recommend the investment in organic when possible, to help eliminate the toxins found on many foods.
  • Breathing exercises and relaxation techniques. Did you know that you can live 2 weeks without food, 4 days without water, but only minutes without air? We have two powerful lungs, and simple breathing techniques can help you relax, help you restore energy, and help you with digestion and more.
  • Exercise and sweat: Our body is designed to detoxify with sweat. Exercise also helps move oxygen through the body, helping us sweat and detoxify, burn more calories, and have more energy. We will give you simple tools to help you regain the body you deserve. Our yoga primer will help you learn to re-discover your body, stretch important muscles, and relax.
  • Nutritional support. Your kidneys, liver, and lungs, and GI tract are the powerhouse organs to help you repair, rejuvenate, and eliminate. Our LifeBotanica supplements can help provide added support to help your body defend by day, repair by night for maximum detoxification and rejuvenation.
  • Sleep - the majority of your repair is done at night, yet most of us get little sleep. We provide tips and tools to help your body relax, and rest for maximum results.
  • Energy healing. The energy in your body can be rebalanced via chakra healing. 3 sessions will help you feel energized and ready to take on the day.
  • Massage therapy. Did you know that massage can help release the toxins built up in the blood, and help you repair? This is why athletes use the power of massage to help them recover from exercise. It can help you feel better, lighter, and happier.
  • Skin care: your skin is the largest organ in your body. It allows sweat to go out, air and other nutrients in. Don't' take it for granted. Our detox facials and body care can help you feel and look your best.
  • Program options: 7 day or 21 day detox programs available.

Detox Complete is a natural and pure herbal supplement from Europe with 200 year history in Romania.

What differentiates our product from the realm of other supplements?

Most of all our product not only help your constipation, colon cleansing but the Detox Complete Day Formula cleans your life line( liquids In your body) a and repair your kidney. Kidney in common words represents the garbage disposal of your body. When they do not function you need dialyses.

Now the other important organ in your body which needs help, organ which process toxins is your liver. Our Night Formula cleanses during the day and when you sleep helps repair the liver. In top of all with the amount of vitamins it boosts your immune system. In short our 21 days diet program is design to help with life style change and achieve life extension.

The benefits of LifeBotanica help:

  • Lose Weight
  • Remove Body Waste and Toxins
  • Cleanse and Repair Kidneys
  • Support the Liver and Pancreas
  • Natural Detoxification Process
  • Help Boost Immune System
  • Adjuvant Therapy with Spa and Holistic Programs
  • Help Improve Skin Pores and Luminosity
  • Protect your Entire Body with Botanical Shield.

Keywords: Liver

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LifeBotanica Detoxcomplete provides you with a sustainable full body cleansing system that supports weight loss, promotes energy, and healthy functioning of the liver and pancreas, while adding vitality to your life. LifeBotanica's Detox Complete - Day Formula has extracts of Dandelion, Couch grass, Burdock and other key Herbs that support the Kidneys and bowel as part of the body¹s natural Detoxification.


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LifeBotanica Detoxcomplete provides you with a sustainable full body cleansing system that supports weight loss, promotes energy, and healthy functioning of the liver and pancreas, while adding vitality to your life. Encourages the overall Detoxification process, as well as the restoration of damaged Liver cells+. Our bodies are responsible for the elimination of Environmental Toxins. Protect your Entire Body with a Botanical Shield.